Cheap Air Drier For Your Shop Compressor

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I have been wanting an air drier for a long time, but they are expensive and I couldn't find a cheap alternative.

I found this video Saturday morning, air dryer for air compressor - YouTube, and had mine installed that afternoon. Being such a packrat, I had everything in my shop to install the condenser.

I used the condenser out of my pickup. The compressor burned up in it 20 years ago.

It is working, but I am going to install a better water drain next weekend.

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I've been thinking about burying air lines underground so I can have one central compressor & tank in this little shed on the center of my property, with air lines going to tanks in the two barns. So in either workshop there's air, but no noise machine to listen to.

I don't want to dig deep enough to put it below the frost line though, so I'd need one hell of a good air dryer so they don't fill with water.