CH1 LLC of Bensalem, PA DOT# 3103869

Had a very bad experience this company. Still am. Worked there one week.

Company is run by a married Ukrainian couple with different last names. Never saw the lady. Doesn't appear to be any photos of them together in public online forums. A bit strange to me.

Owner showed up to my place to pick me up in a condition that made me believe he was under the influence of something. I suspect some sort of medication. Didn't smell alcohol. So I insisted on driving back to Chicago.

Trucked turned out to be junk. It was recently purchased, and the owner couldn't pick a truck to save his life. Multiple serious issues obvious from the start. Several breakdowns within days. Dpf, electrical.

The same 2 people running CH1 LLC had another another company, until it was put out of service by FMCSA. Energie Solutions Inc, dba ES Solutions Inc, DOT# 2447829. The reason for the OOS was they didn't pay a $14,300 fine within 90 days. Check their records for yourself. Its all public information. Just a laundry list of violations.

CH1 LLC got their truck back safe to where the owner wanted it. And they are still refusing to pay what they owe me.

I can document absolutely everything. I will add photos later.

Gave them a chance to make it right. Won't do it. So the war is on.
I would also add that the defunct company, Energie Solutions Inc dba ES Solutions Inc was sued in federal district court in northern Illinois for damaging a load of freight. A default judgement was entered against them in that case in December 2018. 3 months later ES Solutions Inc was put out of business by FMCSA.

I am willing to bet their current company, CH1 LLC, will be gone within a year.

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