Cell Service


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I know there's a stretch in the canyon between Belgrade and west Yellowstone that service doesn't exist.

Just remote spots.
It's a canyon... ya need near line of sight to the tower to get reception.


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Cell service is basically a digital protocol overlaid on an analog radio channel that is a little better than direct line-of-sight. Get beyond the maximum signal range of all the towers... you drop a call. Get in the RF shadow of a terrain feature - you drop a call.

Verizon had a head start on everyone. They were a back east baby bell, part of the detritus of the antitrust case that broke up the "phone company," the AT&T Bell System. Verizon bought Airstream, a nationwide analog cell company, adopted the CDMA digital cell technology early on, and pumped huge wads of cash into it.

Sprint started in SoCal, a spin off from the Southern Pacific RR using their proprietary cell communications system, and became an "along the interstate" cell outfit. They expanded over the years to compete nationwide with Verizon.

AT&T was an original entrant in cell technology, and chose to retain that from the antitrust case. The technology was archaic enough that it didn't cross well into CDMA digital technology, so they sold off their system (Sprint acquired a lot of the cell towers) and got out of cell phones. A couple of years later, they bought Cingular, an east of the Mississippi digital cell company, and renamed it AT&T Cellular. They've been playing catch-up ever since.


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