Cat. Fuel Harness


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Terry, sometimes you just don't get it. Tim says there is a guy in Kansas that sells the same thing for $15 less than the eBay deal, and free shipping. SO that is $25 bucks less than the eBay deal. And you always sound like such a tight assed mother ****er, always talking about doing this or that to get one tenth of a mile per gallon better fuel mileage. And we all know you aren't doing this **** for bragging rights, you're doing it to save money.

So why in the Hell are you debating this with Tim?

Get the info from him for the one in Kansas and buy the damned thing already.

If you look around, there are about a dozen guys making these things and selling them. It is more than just a wiring harness, there is a resistor in the wire to cause the sensor to send an altered signal to the computer, thereby fooling it into sending more or less fuel to the injectors.

That is all it is, nothing more.

One guy even paints his GOLD. Like that makes a friggen difference!
Can i have the info for the guy in Kansas?