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Not if you're as lazy as I am.

I have no problem with tilling up the dirt & sticking seeds in the ground & watering it & all that crap. What I don't want to deal with is pulling weeds every single freakin' day & having those damn multi-colored beetles buzzing around everywhere eating holes in the plants.
You would enjoy an aquaponic setup.
It's very riveting.
No weeds to speak of and stuff grows twice as fast in half the space since it doesn't have to compete for air, nutrients or water.


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What the heck is that? Do you grow them? I've thought about growing tomatoes but don't know the first thing about it.
USDA grow zones are referenced to determine which plants will survive in your location and when it is (probably) safe from frost to put starts out.


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Indoor hydroponic setup in a bug proof enclosure with grow lamps and CO2 source...

Just make sure when the cops raid you that they really ARE tomatoes, not Rastafarian Ganja plants...
A little overboard (unless you live in Antarctica).
Aquaponics is where it's at.
Like Hydroponics except that fish provide the fertilizer while the plants filter/clean the water.

In aquaponics you don't need to add nutrient like you do in hydroponics
and you don't need to do frequent water changes for the fish like you do in aquaculture.

The little greenhouse in the pic below is only about 7x9.
A hoop-house is suppose to allow you to grow as though you live 1 zone South from your actual location but the fish tank holds enough water to make a heat sink that allows me at least 2 zones without heating the water except for the passive heat that occurs.

I put my starts out in Early April and they thrived.
My daughter lost her starts in mid April with the same green house because of cold weather. I took the cover off the one in the first pic around Mothers day after all risk of frost had passed. It was blowing the top off the popper.
With the fish tank in my green house temps were in the 70's after a night of lows in the 30's.

Those little green houses were on clearance at a store where I park a coupla times per week. I bought 5 at $40 each.