Candy in the truck stop showers, do you eat it?


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Be honest. The nice folks who clean the truck stop showers leave you a mint on the towel. What do you do with it?

eat it?
Leave it on the counter?
throw it in the trash?

Take it home to your kids maybe? LOL


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if you unwrap it, stick it in the toilet, wrap it back up, and leave it on the counter.....

Do you think they would leave it for the next person in the shower?

Just something to think about!


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probably trying to figure out how to get that disgusting taste out of their mouth and realizing that ANY mint they might use, including toothpaste, will make them gag.


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You know, this thread has just ruined that one little ray of happiness for me.

Those starburst mints can really LIGHT UP YOUR DAY sometimes. Especially if someone dusted them with something and wrapped them back up.

Probably explains that 500 pounder I saw walking back to his truck way faster than he should have been that time...


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@Blood and @DubbleD have been staring at this thread for way too long without responding. Guessing there is a bad taste in their mouths right about now!

I was trying to remember.
I don't recall eating the candy or thinking I wouldn't eat it.
I probably stuck it in my pocket and ate it or threw it away later.

I haven't showered at a T/S for 5 or 6 years.


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Are we hurtin for thread topics this bad?

Eating candy in a t/s bathroom??!!

I could have given you a step by step install of a factory pyro gage in a freightliner I did today. Then I remembered people only care if its a hood truck so I just got it done and had a beer.


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Can't help but think about the anal douche cloth when anything Pilot/J shower topics come up.

Pass on the eating, taking or touching.