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Who are the broker companies that give new authority entrants a chance to pull freight? Trying to get a heads up before activating my authority. thanks in advance!


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A whole bunch of them.

Most big carriers are going to require 6 months, some of the not so big are 90 days.

Lots of small brokers with good credit ratings that will use you day one, so don't get roped into depending on low paying TQL or CH Robinson loads.

Im less than 6 months into having my authority and have hauled for more than 50 different brokers. Some people prefer to haul for only a small amount of brokers and get to know them more personally, I have chosen to run the spot market for all it's worth right now.


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My company hauls some CH ROBINSON most notably National Container in Chicago..

As a driver whats nice about them is if ya call Erica after an hour and have time in and time out on signed bills I get 18 bucks an hour just for sitting there allday...

And yeah ya gonna be there atleast 5 to 6 hours average if not more somedays..

The shortest sit I ever had there was 3 and a half..

The sad part is I got there before sunrise and was only 5th or 6th in line..

From way back though expect to spend the entire day there..

But then again 18 dollars an hour after an hour ..