Brenner Tank/Whitefield Indsutries loads.


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Okay, so I've seen these loads pop up from time to time, and finally hauled one this week.

I think they are a total rip off, and ATS is taking advantage of it's people.

I remember distinctly the stop pay the first time I saw it was 75.00, now it's 50.00, but that is not even the real issue which ticked me off.

You pull into Brenner tankin Fond du Lac, and drop and hook. You secure the load, and drive to Oshkosh to Whitefield Industries (a whopping 20 miles away, granted) and deliver your unfinshed tanks.

You drop that trailer, and hook to a different one from Whitefield Industries, now with finished tanks, and head to Kansas City to deliver them.

You are hauling two loads, dropping and hooking twice, and securing two loads, and unsecuring one load. You have (what I consider to be) 2 different products from two different shippers, and for some reason the first load does not qualify for "mini pay".

Any lawyer types or OOIDA folks know how this is okay? Because I don't think it is.

Yes this is the same exact thread I started on the other forum.