Boss Shop, Frystown Pennsylvania - These folks apparently have no work ethic


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I rarely lose my temper out on the road anymore when it comes to dealing with repair shops. The man at the counter of the Boss Shop in Frystown managed to push me over the edge in a matter of about 30 seconds.

For those that don't know, the Boss Shop is that the Flying J.

I pulled in for fuel before my drop at GP in Quakertown. Wanted to be full of fuel so I could get my load dropped, pick up my next load in Reading, and make it to Michigan the next day.

While fueling, I head back to check my tires while the attendant is cleaning the windows. Flat on the trailer, inside duel completely off the rim.

Good news! the Boss Shop is right there and the service bays are completely EMPTY other than one of the 5 bays. So, I call in to road service, let them know where I am. They said we would most likely have them replace the tire since I was there, but to wait for a phone call to make sure.

So, I drive over by the shop, back into a spot close to the service bays and go inside. Service writer is just finishing up telling somebody on the phone that it would be 4-6 hours for the work they were asking about. As soon as he is off the phone, I let him know about the flat and that Schneider would be calling him about replacing the tire. At that point, he told me that it would be 4-6 hours before he could pull it into the shop. My blood pressure immediately raised.

Why? I asked. He then quickly told me because his shop was backed up with work in an extremely smart mouthed tone. I went outside, took another look in the shop, and completely lost my temper. My wife encouraged me to just go to the truck, and I did after I was done yelling.

I got to the truck and started yelling again. None of the thoughts in my head were good at that point.

Then, I got the call from road service. They confirmed to me that Boss Shop was overbooked and that GoodYear would be there in 90 minutes. As soon as I got off the phone, I looked up the number to Bosselmans and immediately called customer support. Gave them my complaint, and offered to send them a picture of their overbooked empty shop, complete with techs standing around.

10 minutes later, regional manager calls me. He wants to put me on a three way call with the shop where I was at to get me inside for the tire repair. Told him it was too late for that because another company was dispatched out to take care of it. He apologized again and said he was calling the shop to find get some answers. Not sure what happened from there, but I will say the guy at the counter has no business having that job.

GoodYear was there before I even finished my shower (less than 30 minutes). Had to drive across the road to the abandoned Gulf station to get the tire replaced because the Boss Shop doesn't allow competitors to do work on the lot, LOL. Pulled across the street, and had the tire replaced and back on the road within 15 minutes. These guys do quick work for us once they arrive because they keep our own tires in stock and mounted already on rims so they just have to swap them out.

Pretty sure I will avoid the Boss Shop in Frystown, PA. for anything and everything from this point forward. I can't understand why a shop will go out of their way to avoid taking in simple work.


I had the exact same thing happen to me at the Petro in Monee, IL a few weeks ago.

I was being picked up at the Pilot to hitch a ride to pick up an abandoned truck at a shop in South Bend. I noticed that he had a trailer tire flat. It was still on the rim & supported by the other dual.

So we went across the street to the Petro & they said it would be about 3 hours. The techs were standing around staring at their phones, and the shop bays were empty except for a bobtail nobody was working on. It was an outer, so it was a piece of cake.

The trailer has that auto-inflation system on it. There's no Schrader valve. You could open the tube with a wrench but then there's no check valve. I had no idea how to inflate it manually or I'd have said let's take it to my farm & I'll fix it myself.

We had to get to that shop in South Bend by noon when they close (this was a Saturday) to get the truck out before they lock the gate so we just took off & drove on the flat with 33,400 lbs on the trailer tandems.

The shop in South Bend fixed the tire on his trailer.