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We are a small company of 7 trucks and looking to grow. Primarily we do OTR reefer work but moving into intermodal freight. Can you share thoughts on best software to consider? We demo'd Axon but that doesn't have intermodal. PCS was suggested to us but they have 3user minimum and the sales guy pretty much told us he won't waste time on small companies like really? Any suggestion for a really good software from a company that truly values smaller companies. Ideally we would like it to be web based as well. Thanks


Hi Majestc,

Did you end up finding a system that you are happy with? There are several large Enterprise TMS (transportation management system) solutions in the market today that handle Intermodal type trucking , however, the licensing and setup fees for these programs can run tens of thousands of dollars in many cases. These products include Profit Tools, Trinium and TruckMate. These programs have many powerful features however, their costs are prohibitive to many smaller companies.

I’m currently working with a start up company that has an Alpha version of a new TMS that we are hoping to advance into production by the end of the year. The program has been setup with intermodal trucking in mind but handles Truckload type loads equally well. It currently has or will have many of the same features these larger software companies offer in their products. However, our system will be only a fraction of the cost. We are looking to market it to smaller and mid-sized companies like yourself.

Our product is built on a software platform that is owned by Apple and our program is very user friendly and customizable. Similar software solutions are already being used by smaller companies and in one case a very large national carrier.

With that being said, would you be interested in seeing a brief demo? We are looking for smaller carriers like yourself and will offer our product at or below cost until we roll it out later this year. This may be a good fit if you haven’t already found a solution or are possibly in the market for a new user friendly solution.

What do you think?

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