bee keeping


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true wind is actually the biggest but fruits, nuts, and a lot of veggies rely on bees for polination
Not wind either.

While a bee is an insect, it's not the biggest insect pollinator.

Butterflies are more significant.


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the ladies are busy putting in stores for the winter and I have noticed that they are getting a bit testy.
in the spring I just wore a veil and light colored clothing shorts were fine and didn't need gloves
now I wear a bee jacket long pants and gloves because they are wanting to defend their hard won supplies
You should know better then to mess with a woman nest she built....or her man......mother nature will send karma on your tailend in a heart beat.....just joking....with a sting of truth......🤣


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the temperature was high enough today that the bees were out in force and I felt ambitious enough to suit up and crack the hives open to see what was going on.
they are crammed in like sardines and are sure to swarm if I don't get on this to prevent it,
I am going to order 4 new queens this week and plan on splitting each hive twice, they are that strong.
their food stores seem to be adequate, and things are looking good for a strong year