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well I got educated a bit the other day, everyone in beekeeping says do NOT mess with the bees at night, well I have been a bit late on feeding the ladies lately and thought since I have a hivetop feeder I wouldn't actually be messing with them so I took the lid and inner cover off, and started to fill the feeder, the bees took GREAT offense at that, it didn't take 30 seconds and they were all over me a dozen and a half stings later I was running up the driveway with them on my ass threw the equipment on the ground and got the hose going figuring that would chase them away but didn't faze em they followed me al the way to the house, we chased 7 of them out the next morning,
the aftermath was being swollen up for the most part of 3 days and an hour of my wife looking for and scraping the stingers out of me.
learned 2 things that night, I don't have a major allergy to bees and DON'T MESS WITHTHE BEES AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!


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I’m glad you’re ok but I’m picturing in my mind what this incident looked like and..........:biggrin-2: