Beds in Trucks


My name is Mike Shockley and I own Cloud Custom Mattresses. We make custom mattresses for RVs and Campers with Serta out of Detroit. At every RV Show I have been at or hosted I get Truckers asking for better mattresss for their Rigs. I have met with Serta and we have a partnership where we will make custom, high quality mattresses for Trucks. They are a combination of wrapped coils and high quality foam. Basically a mattress with the same quality as a home mattress but it fits perfectly in a truck. Is there any call for such a product? Serta has perfected it so it will be affordable and can be dropped shipped in a box.

Sorry to bother you guys but if you have any advice or suggestions please email me at or feel free to call me at (231)-883-3861. If you think this might work I will take your suggestions and work with the engineers at Serta to implement them.

I will also start a Facebook Page.


Mike Shockley


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I got a Serta/Bostrum memory foam mattress last fall. OMG, does it ever make a difference! It's amazing how much more rested I feel. It's totally worth every cent I paid for it.

Got it at the Joplin Petro - it too was rolled up. Not a bit of problem getting it into the truck.