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jt road hammer

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you make battery locks for my semis i will buy a set i have a 1980 GMC brigadier daycab tractor trailer

and a 1968 peterbilt 352 cabover/coe unilite tractor trailer

and a 1984 peterbilt 359 tractor trailer

i would like a set of all 3 tractor trailers i have

main 2 questions are this

1 warranty

2 how much they cost


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We offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Price depends on the size of the locks needed. You can check out our website ( to see which size lock would work for your trucks or you can give us a call and we will be happy to assist in figuring out which products work best for you.


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It's based of of how many batteries are in the truck and the size of the battery box. We have single battery, two battery, 3 battery, 4 battery locks as well as custom fit locks.

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