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I know the nicotine is a legitimate addiction but I also wonder how much of the addiction is in the mechanics of pulling out the cigarette, putting it in the mouth, and lighting it.

You know, much like the routine of opening and closing the Facebook app over and over becomes an addiction in and of itself and has nothing to do with whether anything new was posted on the news feed.


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The physical addiction to nicotine is over in 72 hours.

The habit of smoking and why you smoke, for having something in you hand is another matter.
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I quit once for a year.During that year,I found myself,unconsciously reaching for my shirt pocket,just some kind of weird habit

muscle memory or something
I've been a smoker and a vaper for a very long time. I've done it all from designing and building my own devices to mixing juice commercially. Do not go to a gas station to buy devices going to satisfy your nicotine needs. A juul isn't a bad product. It's probably the closest thing you're going to find at a gas station to a decent device. But they are expensive long-term and you're not going to be saving much money over cigarettes. Find a good reputable vapor store and let them help you. I Vaped for years and when I started pulling campers I started smoking again. And I went off the rails with my smoking. So I started researching the latest and greatest everything once again and they now have products like the juul that use what they call nicotine salts. Basically they take the nicotine that they use in regular vapor products and it goes through another processing step that smooths it out a lot more. what that does is allow you to vape a higher nicotine concentration without it hurting your throat and chest. A lot of vapers are fine with the devices are just use 3 and 6 mg nicotine but they are constantly sucking on it all day everyday. With a smaller pod device that uses a higher nicotine concentration anywhere from 25 to 50 mg you smoke it like a cigarette for a while and then you put it down.just like you would do with a cigarette. Your body's funny it knows how much nicotine it likes and when it's satisfied and you'll have the urge to just set it down. The pod devices to me have made it so much easier to go back to vaping. Look into an Aspire breeze 2. Or a joyetech exceed edge. Both of them are refillable so you're not wasting money buying pods constantly. The coils are replaceable. I absolutely agree with supporting your local vape shop but if cost is prohibitive you can buy called online for about the third of the price you would pay any vape store generally. Don't be listening to folks here telling you steer clear stay away from vaping they don't know what they're talking about. No it is not 100% safe to vape. It is however drastically better for you than smoking a combustible cigarette. If you go on YouTube and look up CBS Sunday morning they recently did and unbiased look into vaping versus smoking. It is excellent. Is there a chance things could blow up in your hand? Absolutely. just like the cell phone that you're probably typing this with. anything with a lithium ion battery has the potential to go sideways at any time. All of what I'm saying you can verify for yourself if you take the time to do the research and don't listen to fear-mongering. The American Cancer society is now officially endorsing vaping is a healthier alternative to combustible cigarettes. The research has been done already but because that research wasn't done in the United States the FDA does not recognize it. Vaping is absolutely a less harmful substitute to compostable tobacco products.

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