Are you disgusting?

Are you disgusting?

  • Yes. I hate showers. I like being dirty. I like stinking.

    Votes: 10 12.7%
  • No. My truck is clean, and so am I. Shower as much as I can.

    Votes: 69 87.3%

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Thunder Road

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I shower every time I fuel; just hose off at the fuel pumps. This way I also wash my clothes at the same time. I'm always clean and always wear clean clothes.


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Welp Im clean on the surface...

Inside though Im a filthy , disgustiong, no thats puting it lightly...

I have "issues" and I am Gr8ful for once I pulled my head outta my rearend and went to a "meeting" ...

Learned alot and belive it or not I currently have no desire to take a drink.

Infact Im about to fix something to eat and go to bed

Even thinking about getting up early hitting the 8:30 at ZB then the 10:30 at Waukegan.

I want to "live" once again and the onus is upon me to take the "initiative"

good job Birchy
getting clean on the inside wasn`t a easy or fast job for me but I eventually made it
I hope you do too