Are you an OTR driver with children at home?


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There is no doubt that a truck driver faces many challenges and obstacles as a parent. All parents face challenges and obstacles, but being a truck driver can sometimes raise those challenges to a whole new level. One thing is certain though, being on the road does not mean you have any less responsibility as a parent. If anything, you responsibilities become more important because the needs of your children increase.

Remember, you are doing a great job out here in providing for your family, and they appreciate that. At the same time though, they miss you, and you need to be sure you are doing everything possible to be involved in their lives as much as possible, and helping out as much as possible even while you are gone.

Today, we are opening up this new section of our community, that will be dedicated entirely to being a parent and a trucker.



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Nice. This should be a great addition to the community. I haven't gone OTR yet, but I am going soon. My kids are grown (19,23,&25), but my 2 boys live at home(19&25). My daughter(23) lives five minutes away with her fiancee and my grandson. I am counting on them to be a help to my wife while I am gone, she has had spinal fusion surgery along with fibro-myalgia and is on alot of meds, so she can't get around very well. We just need to be strong for each other and it will all be good.

P.S. @Mike , you might think about fixin the title... shouldn't it read: Are you an OTR driver...?
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Got a friend in atlanta that has 6 kids , 15yo-8yo, and did otr for two years before landing the local job. He did it but it was rough from what he told me. Very rebellious 15yo boy that ended up in boot camp here recently. He says its alot better doing the local but says he makes less money now, so kinda catch 22. BTW he works for martin. OTR at first then local with them.
I am an otr driver... home for a bit but will be back out there soon I hope. I had my first child when I was 16, 2nd at 18 and 3rd at 24. I was a single parent working 2 full time jobs to support the kids. I met Mike who had 2 kids, stayed together and we had 3 kids. Sooo we have 8 all together. Ages are 31B, 29G, 24B, 23G, 21B, 15B, 13G, 10B. We have the 23G, 15B, 13G and 10B here at home. Mike's two kids were raised by there mother in Canada. Temporary move turned into permanent so Mike didn't raise his 2 kids. His 23G moved in 6 mo's ago, she has a job and helps her dad with the three youngest kids. Our 3 youngest kids do not like me being otr but they accept it. The phone calls and Tango Video App on my phone work well for us. 13G calls me everytime she needs to go into the basement to do laundry for herself. She hates the basement so my job is to stay on the phone with her while she goes. Very funny thing between us doing that. She also calls me when she is loading the dishwasher. Speaker phone is a wonderful thing. She likes cheerleading, playing the flute and Softball in the summer. 10B stays on the phone long enough to have a sweet nothing conversation with me and is off playing again. He likes Playing Football, Baseball and hopes to play the Saxiphone when he is old enough. He is a Boy Scout and enjoys sports on TV as well. The 15B is quiet, no complaints ever and when I talk to him on the phone I have to really work hard to get more than one word answers out of him. He likes anything military. WWII items are a big hit with him along with building models of Fighter jets and tanks. No surprise he is a Boy Scout. He plays the viola, usually first chair which is a big honor for him. Mike and I aren't married, were not a couple anymore we just live in the same house. We grew apart and remain friends raising the kids. The three eldest kids are mine. 31B lays tile for a living and has a girlfriend / fiancee. They have been together since high school and have a 7 yr old daughter. My 29G is in the Air Force. She went in right out of high school and loves it. She is married and her hubby Chris is in the Air Force as well, they have 2 boys ages 7 and 4 months. My 24B is working full time and enjoys making lyrics and music. He did make his own music video last summer, he is my wild child and the blonde singing in this Aaron Dissell "Love My Life" [Party Song] ft. BC Beats (Viral Music Video) - YouTube . The 21B lives in Canada with his mom. The kids names are Noah, Cassondra, Aaron, Carol, Michael, Christopher, Tiffany and Cameron.

Truck driving is for me. I am 47 yrs old and never could figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. Then my sister pointed out how I love to drive and so on... She suggested truck driving so I thought about it and realized how much I do love big trucks. I have been watching them my whole life. Well, that was a Wednsday and I was signed up for school by the following Monday. With the money I made so far we got caught up on our bills for the most part. Nice for once. My kids had the best Christmas ever in there lives. They actually received things on there wish lists. Up until this point we have always had to sign up for organizations to help out with Christmas cuz we have always been broke and behind. What ever was given to us is what the kids received. I donated plasma several times a week and used the money on bills. I used a few food banks a couple times a month to help us get by. Our $60 a week on groceries for 5 just wasn't working so well. Were back to pinching pennies till I get my license fixed up. If it comes down to it my eldest kids help us out when they can and I am gratefull for that. Mike has a fulltime job working for a heating and cooling company. Been there 15 yrs, he is doing the best he can adding to our income with side jobs and scrap metal / copper he gets off of old units from work and scraps it for cash. I am going job hunting Monday. Gotta do something till Swift fixes this mistake with my license. Wish us luck through this rough patch were in....


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WoW Ohio Mom Incredible, Its so refreshing when real people talk and just be so dam honest , thanks ..... and your son is talented , listened and saw the video link , my sons 3 and the song is correct, I Love My life.... I am new to this myself ... owned a business for 7 years , did good while it lasted but these days the industry is down bad so I moved on , still have a store that makes a small profit , thank goodness ... but I saw the writing on the wall and decided to do something else before it was to late .... this is a mixed bag , but its a living and it can be a decent one at that , regardless to what all the other say , I mean where can u make 40k plus a year walking in the door without exp .. so their ... its better than nothing , and like you said earlier , for the first time you got those bills caught up and the kids had a great Christmas , so in the end you did the RIGHT thing , hope you get back on the road soon ..........take care lady