App Suggestions for Driving

Hey everyone,

I am fairly new to driving, but am very much enjoying it so far. I would like to suggest a few different iPhone apps that I have been using that I find make driving much more of a pleasant activity! Also mods if this is not allowed, my apologies, please let me know!

Auto Sender- The first one I use almost everyday is an app that lets you schedule messages to automatically send at a set time. It works great so far, I schedule messages to send to my family throughout the day, and even use it if I need to send a message to a coworker at a set time.

Gas Buddy- This app is perfect for finding the best places to fill up on gas, showing you where has the cheapest pricing possible. It also lets you review and read other peoples reviews of specific truck stops/gas stations.

Sleep Cycle- This app is not as related to driving as the other apps, but as many as of you know, driving while tired can be dangerous. Very dangerous. Personally, I like to use this app if I am sleeping in my sleeper cab since I find it hard to sleep well in. It helps you keep track of how much sleep you actually got and how well you slept.

If anyone one else has any apps they would like to suggest, I would love to hear them!
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Great, exactly the type of app I was looking for! Thanks!
The data is crowd sourced. If you know a place has a back parking lot, it's worth checking even though a location is show red - full up. Sometimes folks judge parking availability from just scanning the front row.