Anything new?


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Hey all. Just wondering if anyone has anything new about Schneider? Nothing posted in the last year and a half.


I saw a tan Schneider truck today at a truck stop. It looked like it was pulling a 30 year old pumpkin.


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They used to have a blue and white striped triangle on the bottom left of he trailer door. Nobody ever knew what it was for.

So it was dubbed the “Amish passing signal”, so the Amish would know what side to pass their slow trucks on.

They’re advertising new team trucks with fridges, memory foam mattresses (so you can REALLY feel the psychopath strangers body they just paired you up with when it’s your turn to sleep) and Sirius radios, and automated transmissions.

The entire advertisement, including the transmission part makes me want to hurl.


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We had a memory foam mattress here in the house. Bought with one tax check, replaced with the next. We hated it. Gave it to my son and he loved it though.
As for the rest? I am a newbie (sort of) but the only place I would prefer an auto is heavy traffic. Sirius xm though, I NEED that!