Americold Mcdonough Ga

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Does anyone out there know what the Americold Mcdonough Ga facility operated hours are? They have me arriving at 0100 Monday????


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should up early and plan on getting some sleep. Very few of the Americolds get you in and out in a reasonable amount of time. Not sure why. They LOVE the "We have two hours from your appointment" line.
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thanks for the quick response regarding Americold my question is I'd like to get there at 3 or 4 in the morning vs 1 can you be late? or is that one o'clock I confirmed 1 o'clock
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this sounds crazy but I'm trying to do a 34 hour reset to accomplish that the 34 hours will end at 1 o'clock Monday morning when I'm supposed to be at Americold.if I left my location I'm at now at 1 o'clock I would be there around 230 just don't want to be hit with a late delivery


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Yeah see if you can reschedule. They may still charge $50 or more for being late and then you are on the work in list. Which might not get you out till 2200 or later depending on how bad they need that product.


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when it comes to weekends, resets and receivers....

NEVER show up late. EVER. If you do, it had best be a GOOD reason. Not only do you screw up the receivers dock, but every other driver who shows up that day as well. About the only exception to that rule is a place that is FCFS.

ALWAYS call to see what they can do to get you in, out or rearranged. HAD you called earlier today BEFORE You would have started your 34, it's a long shot, but it's possible that they would have unloaded you early. Seriously. I have gone into a supervalu place 34 hours early and unloaded. Same with a Simplot to reload. I called and asked if they were going to make me wait 24 hours to reload at 1 AM. They told me to come in. 29 hours early.

It ended up with me being able to get an extra load in that week for an additional $4000 revenue.

Being early can seriously work to your advantage along with an early call in to the shipper/receiver.