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Kinda new to these things. Just noticed theres an air dryer under my cab by the tanks. Its the big black dome one, not the small cartridge looking one I saw on another thread. How do I know if its working or needs service? Never used one before, not sure what to do with it as far as maintenance. I've had this truck 5 months now and I never knew it was there, so I have no idea if any work has been put into it, or if it needs work. lol


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Open the drain on the wet tank, if it's dry, it's working. You should also hear the purge when the compressor cycles off. And I would change the cartridge anyway, just to safe.

That style works the same as the smaller ones, the difference being that yours uses air held within the dome for the purge cycle, rather than using a bit of air from your tanks.


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I used to change the cartridge up until the time I blew the bottom out of the canister at which point I just put a new ari drier in when needed
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Canister change once a year. When you get a large amount of water in your wet tank change the whole assembly. At that point your heating element is bad and all the rubber will be gummies.


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Mine pops normal. I have a small leak some were in the front so it builds to 120 ish then the front bleeds off a bit to about 100, then charges again and pops. Kind of odd. Can't find the leak. Doesn't drain out much so not too worried right now. Just worried about the dryer and my other post on the anti lock thing. lol


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