Advice Needed

I realise that Rockies are continuing down in USA,but I thought conditions are not the same as up in the north?Maybe they are,you know better then I do.I have been watching this eposodes Highway thru hell,coquihalla hwy so I know a little of what I am going to deal with.
Anyway I have the expirience.My main question was difference in trucking Canada vs Usa.But also if you have any other info,advice in trucking...fell free to share it.
p.s. btw how is my english?

One very important thing to remember about those shows. They are designed to make stuff look far more dangerous and interesting than it is.
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I was going to say he is doing well but I am not going to do that:D
That is ok.
I appreciate you re honest.
My english is not very good I know that,but I belive if I live in a siciety where I must use english language every day in daily conversations I will improve my skils and learn better ways how to connect the words in a sentence,how to better expres my self