Truck Repair ABS combo valve


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Rapid loss of primary air pressure to zero PSI.

Brakes lagging to release.

Brakes not completely applying

Started leaking air really bad on the trip home last month

kpzra kpzra was kind enough to crawl under the truck and confirm my suspicion last week when I was home. Her and Ranger_375 Ranger_375 along with munchkin stopped by to see us.

So the delay going out after my July 4th holiday was stopping and getting this valve replaced.

Parts and labor

Needed several fittings as well to replace the valve too.

At least I'm holding air pressure now.


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I felt bad when I pinpointed it but can't have you crashing, you do all the hard paperwork.;):roflmao:


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I'm glad you found it. I suspected that is what it was. I also knew it was a $380ish part alone.

I also know, it's an Out-of-service component I don't want to mess with.

Critical parts like this should to a regular shop. Yeah, I can do the work, but there's a liability issue of, "what happens and who's responsible if it fails after the repairs? Or an accident occurs?...
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