Abandoned puppy


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Did Century tell you why teams can have pets but solos can't?
She looks like she has beagel mix in her. She looks extremly healthy.... if you still want to get rid of her in a couple weeks let me know. We are looking for a dog to take on the truck with us now that we can have a pet.


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She looks like she has beagel mix in her. She looks extremly healthy.... if you still want to get rid of her in a couple weeks let me know. We are looking for a dog to take on the truck with us now that we can have a pet.
Neighbor is keeping her. Although I admit she's the perfect size for a truck. Not too big, but not one of those stupid little shaggy things that go "yip yip yip" all day long either.

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That's a nice looking dog! It's a shame that this company has a no pets policy, otherwise I would snatch her up in a heartbeat!


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I hate that the pup was abandoned, but looks like it has a good home now.

We were at the AZ scale house yesterday... west bound.... and saw a beautiful chow walking around in the truck lane... looking up at all of the trucks... I don't know if it was abandoned or strayed away from one of the trucks that was parked.
i know where mines at...she's sitting here giving me the evil eye cause i had one more cookie than she did. i know....., i should have split it with her. lol.


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I had a cat that passed away yrs ago and to this day I still miss him.My neighbor poisoned him with rat poison in hamburger.I had an autopsy done on him.I know it was him because he hated animals,especially cats and had a cat trap in his back yard.Any cats go in that trap he would take it to the pound and found a hambuger pkg in his garbage.I suspected him right away the minute I found Shadow dead below the living room window outside.Shadow loved car rides and when he seen me come home he'd climb on the hood then jump in the car and snuggle up to me.They say paybacks a ***** and that neighbor found that out.I spray painted the front of his olive green house in big black letters,ANIMAL HATER,I put sugar in his gas tank and sliced every one of his 4 wheel drive tires.Somebody harms an animal especialy mine,i'm out for revenge believe me.

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i think theres a little beagle in her too. mutts make the best dogs you'll ever have.
There is truth to that. I have a pure bred male boxer who is one dominering (don't know if that is spelled right) SOB. He won't mess with me but he is something else when it comes to my wife. We are having trouble breaking this behavior amongst some other bad habits. He is only 18 months old and he is weighing in at 82 pounds so he is a bruiser. I really don't care for him to be honest but he is part of my family so I tolerate him. My wife wanted the boxer, I was gearing for a German Sheperd but the old addage, A Happy Wife is a Happy Life kept running between my ears.

I wish I would have gone with a mutt. They are some loyal dogs who are pretty even tempered and make all around great pets.

Thats a great looking pooch. You did a good thing by taking her in. She will remember that and like diehard said, she will probably be the best dog you will ever have.


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When you have a dog that's too aggressive or doesn't seem to "get it" that you're the alpha dog, here's what you do. This has ALWAYS worked for me, and it's worked on everything from a wild crazy "mean" pit bull to a sh*t zoo. (just don't do it with a dog that's been beaten and is scared, it might bite in fear.)

Grab the dog's head with your fingers behind it's ears and your thumbs in front of it's ears, and hold it's head still. Put your forehead right up against the dog's forehead and look him/her straight in the eyes. If he starts wiggling and trying to get away, growl. And don't growl in some childish playful manner. Growl like you mean it.

It won't work right away and usually the dog will try to wiggle away. If he does that, let him go so you don't get your head bit off. But do it again, and often. Every time the dog is in trouble or is ignoring your commands, do the eye-to-eye growling thing. You have to have a firm grip on the back of the dog's skull but not so tight you're hurting him. You just have to establish dominance.

Dogs are pack animals and they all need to know who the alpha dog is. They need to learn that when they hear a certain tone in your voice, it's time to chill the $%#& out cuz you ain't playing.

That's all you have to do. You don't EVER need to beat, kick, throw or spank a dog with a newspaper. You just have to establish dominance and the dog will not just learn to know when to knock it off, but actually "worship" you. Pack animals need a "leader" and that's you. And dogs are also the biggest brown-nosers in the world. Once they know who the boss is, they have this natural instinct that makes them feel the need to make the boss happy and win his approval.


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That's true, and if you don't believe the tone of voice thing I have another experiment:

Look at a dog, and in a soft, friendly tone of voice say something like,

"You're a retard....yesssss you are! Aren't you? Yeah that's right....whose a retard...awwww yeah....whose da retarrrrrdddd...."

Your dog will wag it's tail based on your tone of voice, not reall;y what you're saying.


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That is 100% correct. Dogs don't understand words, they go by your tone of voice. When I was little, my older sister used to have me on the floor rolling around laughing and getting stomach cramps because she would stand there and do exactly that with the dog. She'd say "Come here you stupid dog, yeah, ... who's a stupid dog? .. yeah, ... you like to sniff peoples butts and smell their farts, don't you?" in a really friendly tone and the dog would wag her tail and get all excited.

If you get an angry tone and yell "GOOD DOG! WOULD YOU LIKE A RAW STEAK?" she'll run and hide.


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Just got a pit bull today. There was an ad in the paper for "Rescued Pit Bulls".

The dog is 8 months old, black and white just like my old dog. No name yet. Male. I'll get pictures of him tomorrow.

He's unusually quiet and calm for an 8 month old puppy. It's about 60 degrees in here and the dog is lying on the floor shaking and trembling. He just started that about 20 minutes ago. My girlfriend wrapped him up in a blanket but I told her that he's not shivering because he's cold. If you have a fur coat, 60 degrees is fine. (It's usually 70 degrees in here but it was super windy today so I turned the heat down to save some propane. The wind has died down and I've turned the heat back up) Might take him to the vet tomorrow. He might be sick. Though the lady I got her from kept her house HOT. It was like 80 degrees in there. She had a 6 month old baby, that's probably why it was so hot in there.

The dog is good with people, hasn't growled at anyone. I haven't heard him bark at all yet. He whined once, that was it. Right now he's snoring. He seemed mildly interested in the cat, he just wanted to sniff her to check her out, but the cat hissed and swatted at his nose and then ran off, and the dog just seemed to be thinking "whatever..."