80 92" Adjustable Aliminum Shoring Beam- Extends to 103"

I HAVE FOR SALE 80 92" Adjustable Aluminium Shoring Beam- Extends to 103". Will sell in batches of 10 for $400 or all 80 for $2700.
Vertical/Decking Working Load Limit: 2200 lbs.
Horizontal/Shoring Working Load Limit: 2200 lbs.
Length: 92" extending to 103"
Height: 3"
Width: 2 1/2"

Shoring beams offer a great way to secure cargo using a high-strength aluminum and adjustable E-fitting ends that lock into E-track. The ends slide in and out of the ends of the square aluminum beam section which make the entire unit adjustable from 92" to 103". The release mechanism is even easy to operate when wearing gloves which can be a nuisance with other "trigger" E-track mechanisms. This product also works with a-track.