2018 gardening thread

I stopped on the way home and picked up a bag of earth worm castings. AKA.... expensive dirt. I took a little and put it in a burlap sack, dropped it in a bucket of water and made some compost tea. First time for this. In morning I’m gonna spray my tomatoe plants.

funny you mentioned compost tea
several years ago my sis in law gave us some leftover tomatoe plants.

I set up a spot and planted them.
I made some compost tea and laid it to them.They outgrew my stakes and I had to add onto them.I ended up having to stand on a 5 gal bucket and stretch as high as I could to reach the top.Must have been close to 10 foot.Hadd more plants than tomatoes....I made the tea similier to this video



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I've been keeping after the tomatoes this year, clipping sucker shoots and nonproductive branches. Last year, the plants got huge and set lots of fruit, but most of them didn't ripen and they were kind of small.


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