2014 Volvo w/12 speed auto


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I was driving what they threw at me for that day, be it a FL KW PB, 10 13 15 or 18.
I prefer KW
then they switched & went Volvo auto & western star (western star autos suck!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I thought I'd hate the auto but once getting used to it I like it (took some getting used to for slick conditions & 1st time on slick I was snaking down the hill, as soon as I hit flat chains went on LOL), well at least the Volvo auto I like, it's more driver friendly & you can shift still in auto or manual
theres pros/cons of manual or auto.
for those fools that my stick is bigger than your stick, wake up to the real world.
an auto makes my job easier & more simpler, if you don't want to make easier on yourself that's your own thing so be it. I can see a auto not being ideal for wreakers/winch or HEAVY loads but for the most part ok.

now on the negative side
received a 2013 D13 Volvo with E/P auto/manual shift with 120 miles, fast forward 200,000 + (remember I'm not the only driver in this truck, but I'm the main driver) BTW we're short haul.
I ran this truck HARD from the get go to break it in & I didn't know what light was.
they bought them with heavy leaf springs on the steers, which was their fault !

tranny will go out without any warning, this happened at about 60-70K miles. w/o warning I mean everything is good you have no clue of an issue, then one time when you switch from drive/reverse you're dead.

high clutch load protection you'll receive this if trapped in mud on a site or on a hill & it'll kill the truck (depends on the issue)

firewall needed to be welded because of heavy springs.

tag airbag mount doesn't hold up to abuse (off road)& will bust off frame & many times also airline goes too, its a pretty weak mount IMO

does it have enough power ?
kind of weak for highway but still on par with what I was driving, but off road in hills at slower speeds it does alright even with 127,000+
but its a weight issue bigger engine = more weight = less hauled legally, theres a give an take, what the company buys.

steering sucks, I mean the turning radius


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My current truck is a 2015 Volvo 780. Has the 435hp D13/I shift/XE package. I really enjoy it though it did take some getting used to when doing low speed maneuvers that you'd normally feather the clutch.

Has the 2.64 rear end and is turning at 1200 rpm @ 67mph. Averaging about 7.8 mpg. Idle time was at 12%.


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I have to admit, I have been looking at specs and considering a 730 Vulva in my next purchase. One thing that interests me more than any other is the adaptive load option with a liftable pusher. And considering the routes I run and the weights I pull, running around 1200 RPM and constantly shifting is not going to fit well in my game wheel. For the direct drive iShift, the tallest rear ratio I could deal with is 2.50. For the OD version iShift, it would have to be 3.21. The D13 spec sheets say to gear for between 1200 and 1500, and I am not going to run the hilly roads I run with 46,000 lb on the box at 1200 and have it needing to shift over every little mole hill. That costs more fuel than running around 1300-1350 with the rear ratios I mentioned. Running an OD with the 2.64 like you have PackRat is not going to cut it for what I do. For the road speeds I have to run on many of the hilly 2 lanes I have to do with that weight, I would have to be in 11th and still doing the same RPM's as having an OD in 12th with 3.21. And startabillty with those heavy loads on grades would be better with the 3.21.