2004 ISX 400 - 425 HP HELP! I need a TURBO


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Can anyone PLEASE help me? I'm a newbie here. Been driving for 35 years. Going back to being an owner operator.
The truck I just bought needs a turbo. Uggghhh!

I have an engine code, but NO part number on the original turbo.

2005 International 9400i.
Engine build date 7/2004
The last 8 of vin: 5N051851

Ontario Outlaw

Hozer Witta Hood
www. rawze .com

Google that, those guys are Cummins gurus. You’ll need to know your engine serial number to make sure you’re getting the right parts

CM 870 or CM 871?


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Hi, thanks for the replies! I can't find the CM number? Doesn't seem to be on the painted over tag plate. The CPL is 8520. Build date 07/2004

Thank you, Ontario Outlaw, and mndriver, for links. BTW, I love the Marvin the Martian. lol


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Call and ask for Mike at SPS. If any of those guys can't figure out a turbo for you, it doesn't exist. They play with the guys who drag pull semis.