20 Killed in Limo Accident


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It's amazing to me how the rest of the country with steep grades can operate without street lights everywhere.

well there ya go...more reasons to have flashing lights, and street lights, and trimmed tree lines.


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Not to derail but I never figured out why the hell bridges are marked a foot low...
New York State used to mark their bridges from the lowest point. That could be a curb and not actually on the road.
There was a bridge along the way from Batavia to Mount Morris that was marked too low for trucks but, trucks could easily pass under that bridge. I used to use that bridge with my trainees just to see if they were paying attention to the bridge height signs.

New York no longer measures their bridges from the lowest point. They measure them now from the lowest point on the road.


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This company looks to be in some serious hot water after this. Not even sure how this driver was driving the limo.