1998 KW T600 No high idle

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I have a 98 T600 that will not high idle. I've checked pressure switches, brake switch and clutch switch. Checked for mercury switch but looks like it might've been deleted. Anybody know where to find wiring diagrams? Or anything else to check? The controls work while driving with cruise when needed to adjust speed.
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May be an ecm setting. How high are you trying to idle?
I took it to a place here in Indy to be scanned and he didn't say nothing about it but was scanning for a driver output #7 code but I just figured out that was my top two shift sylnoid. Would I have to send it into an ECM specialist to find that out? Noticed lights flicker when moving steering wheel so almost starting to think it could be in steering column. But all controls work like normal driving just no high idle. And wanting to idle somewhere around 850-1000rpms.
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Does it high idle on it's own when cold?
No high idle when cold either. We’ve metered all wires, switches, checked smart wheel at ECM everything is working like it should. But haven’t checked output wires from ECM to engine since I can’t find a diagram for it. Have even swapped ECM from exact twin truck both ECMs work on other truck.