1968 Peterbilt COE 352 Unilite

I have a 1968 Peterbilt 352 COE Unilite Cab that has a 318 Detroit, 10 speed Transmission and single axle rear. This is the only Unilite Cab known to exist. It has the original paint with chips and some dents. I have the original title for this truck. I have owned it for 20 years. $3500 cash. Call 928-830-3065
Call 928-830-3065


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Picture #2. Left side of the dash.

Is that a tachograph?

I'm not familiar with the "unilite" cab. I wonder what that's all about....
That is a Tachograph just L if Steering on Dash.
Unilite cabs were all aluminum and very light weight.
This truck just ran around Los Angeles in the 60's -70's.