1. Injun

    Trucking News: Three of Four Axles' Brakes Fail in Truck vs. Bus Crash

    Kennewick, WA: Potato truck crashed into a city bus. Driver said his brakes failed at the traffic light. DOT inspection confirmed three of the four axles on this truck did not have functional brakes. Anybody want to step up and tell us why brake inspections at scales are a government overreach...
  2. T

    Should my APU come on automatically with i shut the truck off

    I have a 2012 Cascadia. When i shut the truck off should the TK APU start on its own.I have tried to set the selector to auto and it wont let me do that. I can only go from Heat, and A/C but not to auto. this is my first apu and i know nothing about it.
  3. S

    What is it called when you're an otr pick up truck driver

    I met a guy recently who didn't speak good English but told me he drove a company pick up truck and was otr for weeks at a time, and his wife traveled with him. He lives in Knoxville also. Sounded like a really good job. What the heck kind of truck driving is this?
  4. S

    Newbie here looking for help for friend who wants to get his own truck and work for himself

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to get some honest info on what the best way to get started as an owner operator business for my friend. He has been working for a delivery company and unloads cases all day as well as drives..he does well but hes at a point where its too taxing on his body and is...
  5. mndriver

    Semi Truck Drag racing....

    The guy that does the tune on my engine I guess just took the USA vs Canada Trophy at these races.
  6. S

    The voice of truck drivers! What is your favorite truck stop?....

    Hi everyone, I am sure you are all extremely busy and probably don't have the time for this BUT I am working on a small project with ASU to collect opinions from truck drivers favorite/least favorite truck stops and on the taboo subject of "sitting too much". Good, bad, whatever you thoughts...
  7. D

    Truck hard to start

    Flood water came up to about 3/4 of frame i had seloinoid on starter repair. The truck will start occasionally with starter fluid it will run for awhile but if I turn on the cruise or fan switch it immediately kill. Any suggestions?
  8. Getfit Tommy

    The argument for a more practical truck.... don't worry....

    For all those drivers who simply look at their rigs and the industry as a job, for all the drivers who look for economy, practicality, fuel economy, maneuverablity... I have to stand back and let you rip on me for a while longer, with a picture to help prove your point. She looks good, right...
  9. Maria

    Good Samaritan pulls driver and his dog from flaming truck crash

    Around noon on Wednesday, a semitrailer slammed into a barrier that separates the U.S. 69 highway exit and westbound Interstate 435 in Overland Park, Kan. Witnesses reported that a passing motorist leaped the highway barriers and dashed to the burning truck. Within minutes, the trapped driver...
  10. R

    Upgrading GVW on truck?

    Looking to buy my 1st truck, pulling low boy trailer for friends business as well as some others. These pulls will require permits (50-70K Lb. heavy equipment). Purchasing a 35 ton low boy with a loaded rating of 85,000. I no the ultimate truck would be a tri-axle, but the cost is out of my...
  11. W

    Truck specs

    I'm looking into a company out of Oregon that haul maxi loads. Oregon can haul up to 108k. Does anyone know if a tractor with 48k lb drive axles be ok for loads like that or would it need to be a tri axle tractor?
  12. Emily

    New Jersey bill would make Route 29 truck ban permanent

    A pursuit underway at the New Jersey statehouse would set new regulations on truck traffic along one highway in the Trenton area. Since 2002, traffic regulation in the state has prohibited trucks in excess of 26,000 pounds along state Route 29 from its intersection with Interstate 95 to its...
  13. r3gulator3

    Walmart with Truck Parking

    So I use trucker path to scout out stops and try to find Walmart with truck parking so I can get some shopping done when I'm out for more than a week. More than once trucker path has showed me a Walmart that's supposed to have some truck spots. I show up. ( One example is Fayetteville Georgia)...
  14. Injun

    Trucking News: Truck Fire Started in Reefer Unit

    Post Falls, ID Flying J, Friday 28 July. Two semi trucks burn at Post Falls’ Flying J
  15. BirchBarlow

    I dont think I wanna Sleep In Truck Anymore

    Sure Ive done that for years ... I aint as broke and busted as I once used to be either. A couple of Inheritances and some 401k luck have set me up better than most... My problem is my age and having some health issues... Just buying that insurance would drain me dry... I really dont wanna...
  16. iTrucker - have fun & share it with truckers

    iTrucker - have fun & share it with truckers

    Hi Truck Drivers! We just launched our new site to explore & share the best #trucking #memes. Join us today! Let's build the best collection about real trucking life.
  17. T

    Help Building Trucks List

    I love trucks and I would like to have a full list of brands and trucks models, If you know some of them, and would like to be part of this or just have 5 mins to help me with your knoledge I will apreciate, also I will share the results with all that helps me. in this link: WORLD TRUCKS Data...
  18. B

    Truck Drivers, Help Me Graduate! 3Mins!

    Good evening my dearest Owner-Operators! I am a student and I am doing research on Truck Drivers. Me and my team are making a paper on the viable job opportunities in the future for, and the future of truck drivers. New research is NEEDED to complete our paper. Take three minutes or less to...
  19. M

    Power Supply Fault, Data Link J939

    Volvo Cummins engine, 500 HP, 2007 year. We checked everything and tried everything. Computer said: "Power Supply Fault; Data Link J939" Can someone help me please? I'm desperate. Did anyone had similar experience?