truck parking

  1. K

    Class 1 & Class 2 Drivers

    Due to expansion of the KFC contract we are now looking for a number of Class 1 & 2 Drivers to join our team based in Rugby. If you have or know anyone with a Class C or C+E Licence; are looking for a new challenge and the opportunity to work with a great team then we would love to hear...
  2. M

    The real Merry Chest is back!

    After some back and forth with different people renting out The Merry Chest Cafe over the years, its now time for the good old days to FINALLY come back! 'The Girls' who have been part of the furniture for 40 years are opening it back up on Monday 20th August! It will be the same as it...
  3. r3gulator3

    Walmart with Truck Parking

    So I use trucker path to scout out stops and try to find Walmart with truck parking so I can get some shopping done when I'm out for more than a week. More than once trucker path has showed me a Walmart that's supposed to have some truck spots. I show up. ( One example is Fayetteville Georgia)...
  4. llangenhoven

    Paid Truck Parking Facilities

    Firstly let me make it clear that I'm not a trucker! But I do appreciate the hard work you guys & gals put in and the long hours you drive.. you definitely keep the economy moving! I hope the fact that I'm not actually a trucker will result in me being booted from this forum. I'm looking to...
  5. Truck 'N Park

    Truck 'N Park Update

    Truck 'N Park Update The I-95 Corridor Coalition's Truck ‘N Park -- an automated system that advises truckers on the availability of parking spaces for commercial vehicles traveling on Interstate 95 -- has been up and running successfully for several months, and feedback from truckers about the...
  6. Sal Hernandez PhD

    Truck Parking Study Participation

    Dear Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator, We (study team from Oregon State Univeristy) are writing to you to request your participation in a brief survey regarding Commercial Motor Vehicle Parking. Questions in the survey include topics related to parking decisions and preferences. Your...