swift transportation

  1. Mike

    SWIFT - We have too many trucks - Halting fleet growth, may reduce fleet size

    Just seen this news posting on Facebook, and was a bit surprised. I don't really follow stocks of trucking companies, because I would likely never invest into a trucking company, but was a bit surprised to hear that this SWIFT has dropped off this far. My totally non-expert opinion, making...
  2. Bored Insane

    What is up with the Swift haters?

    There seems to be over the top Swift haters in this forum, I just wonder why? All mega carriers have their issues I thought, but is Swift truly exceptional? I can't say that I'm 100% satisfied with Swift (or even 80%), but I've only been with them a few weeks, and still in training. Maybe I...
  3. Bored Insane

    Start as a Swift man.

    I've lived in Az for many years, but I didn't have a clue that Swift was based in Buckeye, Az. I decided to try a trucking for many reasons and found that no one will take me with just a fresh CDL and no experience. Then I found few people that will take me and one of them was Swift. Swift had...
  4. iowaboy20

    Swift and uncertainty

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions for you all today. My first question is this, I contacted a swift recruiter and when asked about my employment history I explained to her that its a little rocky, meaning I haven't had stable employment because I wanted to find something I loved and haven't...
  5. Mike

    Lady praises SWIFT driver for his awesome crashing skills

    Semi crashes, narrowly misses apartment building on Charlotte Pike She makes it sound like he is a hero, lol
  6. Maria

    Jury orders Swift to pay owner-operator over $2.58 million in negligence suit

    An owner-operator sued Swift Transportation citing negligent maintenance practices as a contributing factor for injuries he received after a trailer ran over his foot. He has been awarded $2.58 million by a jury following a trial in federal court. The plaintiff, Herbert Willoughby, of Virginia...
  7. Injun

    Swift Getting Way Too Gadget-Reliant

    So, I meandered into the office earlier and was immediately called into the boss' office. Apparently, Swift's GPS and satellite tracker had me doing 45 in a 35 zone. They say they can "see" that stuff now. So, I asked the natural question: Where does it say I did this? North end of Spokane on...
  8. NomadDreams

    Should I sign with PRIME or SWIFT

    Talked with the wife and she is okay with me driving! Now, I have narrowed it down to two different companies. prime or swift? If I go with prime my training would be in Missouri. If I go with swift, my training would be here at home in Texas. What do you guys know about these companies pros and...
  9. Maria

    Swift 'short miles' lawsuit trial, originally set for June 16, moved to October

    By Greg Grisolano, Land Line staff writer An attorney representing drivers in a class action lawsuit who claim Swift Transportation shorted them hundreds of millions of dollars on mileage-based pay says he expects the case to finally be heard in court in October. The lawsuit, which was filed...
  10. Maria

    Swift Transportation to install driver-facing cameras

    By John Bendel, Land Line editor-at-large Swift Transportation informed its drivers last week that the company will deploy dual video recording systems in all company trucks beginning in May. The systems include both forward-facing and driver-facing lenses. Installation of driver-facing...
  11. Injun

    Swift: In-Cab Cameras

    I can longer, in good conscience, recommend Swift as a decent starter company. At one time, it was an excellent place to get started for many reasons, one of which was, they expected you to do your job with minimal supervision. You were given all the tools you needed to make your end of the...
  12. Injun

    Swifties: Computer Outage Apr 17, Possible Pay Issue

    No, Swift isn't trying to screw you. Their computers were down for the better part of the day and a lot of data was lost. Just check your settlement/statement to make sure it's accurate. If there's a problem, let them know and it will get straightened out. It's not like they planned this so...
  13. B

    Questions about Swift Schools

    I'm starting school on Monday at Swift. Any info. would really be appreciated. Also does anyone know if I'll get a lot of practice backing before I actually test? That's the hardest part for me. Thanks a million.
  14. Duck


    ... a challenger has topped your most famous stunt. You have one week to offer up a new one or lose your title.
  15. Injun

    Swift Getting a Little Naggy Again

    The "Make sure you don't back into anything" every time I send a stop message is annoying, but ....meh.. The "Please correct elogs" message when I place myself off duty at a store, go shopping, make my delivery and then add my On-Duty time in later is kind'a understandable. The "Please approve...
  16. mndriver

    swift laying off 180 in Washington

  17. Uncle Birchy

    SWIFT aint The SLOWEST Trucks On The Road lets be truthful

    Everybody cracks on SWIFT but I have met lots of SWIFT drivers even broke bread with a few and most are LEASE OPERATORS like @Injun and the "majority" have nothing but GOOD things To SAY Now look I hate to ADMIT this but SWIFT trucks often PASS ME when I'm doing 5-10 OVER the POSTED Now look I...
  18. D

    $50 for Swift Class Action

    Got my piece. Did you get yours? Funny.... I have no horse in that race, so.... Anybody else get one that you didn't deserve?
  19. Herb

    Take over my Swift lease

    Hi I am looking for some one to take over my lease. I have a 2014 kw t660 studio smoked grey custom bug guard and window fairings and wheel balancers and 13 speed. I have some personal issues going on is why
  20. Duck

    Swifty goes camping...

    Not trying to pick on the Swifties on here, but this one's way too funny. I swiped these from Sinister, who swiped it from Hutch's Wrecker Service, LLC. Caption: There doesn't seem to be any further explanation besides the speculation from the Facebook peanut gallery. "But my...