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  1. BlueJeanB

    Looking to Hire a Freight Broker with a Book of Business

    I work for a small logistics company located in east Texas, and we're branching out our operations to include freight brokering. We're looking to hire a freight broker with a book of business to help us get this thing launched. We offer competitive pay and treat our employees well. We are...
  2. F

    Load boards that pre-approve carriers before signing them up

    I was recommended by a friend to use DAT and LoadAccess because they put carriers/brokers through their compliance program before signing them up. What have been your experiences with these load boards? I haven't signed up yet, and I was wondering if it's worth it.
  3. Willatgoload

    Hey Gents! New guy here

    Full disclosure I'm a freight broker. I built an app to compete with the likes of Uber freight, Convoy, and Cargomatic. A little background on me..My father is 40 Year Owner Operator based out of PA and My grandfather was the same for over 50 years with Pepsi. I'm here to network and meet...
  4. Mike

    Freight Broker Forum - For Discussion of Freight Brokers Only

    The purpose of this forum is for the discussion of the dealings that drivers have with freight brokers. This is not a forum for freight brokers to promote their business, nor for potential freight brokers looking to start a business. Any posts of this nature will be removed.
  5. Mike

    Tim Lukowski - Canning Logistics Services LLC - Possible Bad Broker Alert

    You be the judge, this is a very recent video, sharing as requested.....
  6. mndriver

    Brokers need to get a clue......

    Left the shipper Friday at noon. About a 2900 mile weekend run. With the weather coming in, I called the 1st receiver. Wanted to know when to expect to arrive with the pending storm hitting them. I'm still 1000 miles out. Receiver..... "Broker called this morning telling us to expect a...
  7. Bored Insane

    Recommendation on Brokers? Factoring companies?

    Hey guys, I'm looking at finding new brokers and factoring companies. I looked at few: Factorloads, England Logistics, Love's Out of these three, England Logistics is best. I'm looking for other factoring companies you recommend. Also looking for good brokers to run with, people that knows...
  8. I

    Hi Guys... AMA about being a successful freight broker who isn't a scumbag

    My name is Matt and I'm an independent freight broker (please read this in the exact tone and cadence you would expect from an AA meeting). I realize that the vast majority of you probably hate me and every other person who does what I do for a living. I don't condone, accept responsibility for...
  9. B

    New carrier looking for Brokers

    Does anyone have a list of Brokers that work with (me) Carriers with less than 3 months in business.
  10. You Got Mail

    Broker for Cargo Van Loads Needed

    We're in GA and are currently in the need for a Broker to schedule and assign loads. Any suggestions and/or recommendations are greatly appreciated! You Got Mail Courier & Delivery
  11. aintgotno

    List BAD Brokers HERE

    This is a thread ONLY to post a short comment about a Broker. Please start replys with the brokers name.
  12. P

    enough of the dropping rates.... DEAR BROKER

    i am completely disgusted with these low rates. i can't make myself pick a load for any of the trucks because the choices are ALL so bad. i have started telling brokers how it is today as if they care. do they not know without the trucks they would have NO CAREER?? i am sick of trying to...
  13. E

    container load pricing for brokers

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum, I am looking for pricing sheets or books on how to price container loads coming out of the ports in New Jersey. I got my own Authority, and got all the insurance coverage I need to do the hauling for myself. But I dont know how to price the work without...
  14. Mikey Harman

    Looking to get back into Broker Agent work

    I was a broker agent in 2007 to 2008 would like to get back into this line of work. Anyone need to add a hard working agent? My wife and I did this as a team she did all the data entry and I did the calling. I am here in Reno Nevada vey close to I-80 a major transportation route. If you need an...
  15. M

    New Freight Broker Agent

    I am new to the freight brokering business and I am looking for someone to shadow under and listen to a couple of calls just to understand the basics to communicate with other companies and getting shippers. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.
  16. S

    Non Truck Driver / Non Broker Wondering How To Find Loads

    I work for a growing construction material supply company that ships nationwide, and I've been tasked with looking into the feasibility of buying our own tractor trailer combination and hiring a driver to ship our own product from the Twin Cities, MN area to both job sites and our offices in the...
  17. C

    New Brokers Private Book Study Group

    Any independent brokers or agents out there interested in a regular book study group. Looking for 4-6 brokers/agents that want to do a conference call once or twice per week. Would like to start with "Think And Grow Rich" and go from there. Ideally looking to go through books chapter by chapter...
  18. B

    Any existing broker owners looking to get out (& sell)?

    Send me a message if you are wanting to get out of the freight broker business. I am looking to buy one existing broker. Must have good history. If this is you, send me a message. No need to expose yourself in a comment reply. Cheers!
  19. C

    What is the worst part about dealing with shippers and brokers?

    I am trying to identify the biggest headache about working with shippers/brokers. This survey is 12 questions and takes about 4 minutes. If you do not have time just type your biggest problem here. Help find and solve the biggest problem in trucking. Link to survey The Hardest Part About...
  20. 8

    Broker clueless about their credit rating

    Allfr8 broker just called me up because I clicked on one of their loads. They get a notification when someone does that. It's like this massive surprise when I tell them they have a C credit rating, 40 days to pay and outstanding claims against their bond for many thousands of dollars. The...