1. 2016 Freightliner Cascadia EVO - Werner Fleet Sales Dallas

    2016 Freightliner Cascadia EVO - Werner Fleet Sales Dallas

    QTY: 100+ 2016 Freightliner Cascadia EVO Engine Manufacture Detroit Engine Type DD15 Horsepower 455 Transmission Eaton Fuller 10 Speed OR DT12 Automatic Ratio 3.31 – 3.36 OR 2.53 Sleeper Raised Roof Sleeper Sleeper Size 72 in. Double Bunk Suspension AirLiner Fuel Tank (2) 100 Gallon Tanks DEF...
  2. N

    OTR Class A Drivers Wanted

    NG Transportation is seeking Class A CDL drivers to join our expanding team. We are looking for drivers with a minimum of 2 years experience. Reefer experience is a plus! Drivers will be primarily hauling along the east coast from Maine to North Carolina. NG Transportation provides new and clean...
  3. Getfit Tommy

    My bossman is selling our two Peterbilts for a Cascadia....

    Sorry, but I'm taking real issue over this. I've been driving and loving Pete's for over 34 years now. Started with a 359, then a 379, then a 389 and back to a hot-rodded 379 I don't want to drive a Cascadia. I actually hate them so much that I want to quit and find another job so that I can...
  4. Maria

    Two NHTSA recall investigations affect nearly 250,000 Cascadia trucks

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently opened two recall investigations for certain Freightliner Cascadia trucks. One recall deals with a steering defect, and the other defect affects the wiper motor. Nearly 250,000 trucks are potentially affected between the two issues...
  5. Bored Insane

    2012 FL Cascadia Air Pressure/ Transmission issue

    Guys, I have this issue of tranny not going into gear with low air pressure. I'm not sure what area is the problem. It only happens in the morning (2 days now), The secondary air pressure is zero and primary has some. I start the engine and primary never goes above 70 psi and secondary about...
  6. M

    New driver with 2012 Cascadia

    I have a Cobra 29 LTD Classic and hooked up to the stock antenna on my Cascadia. The SWR is in the red over 3-4. How can I get the antenna grounded with the factory mount? Or do I need to get new antenna and coax and mirror mount in order to get a grounded Signal??? Thanks
  7. C

    2011 cascadia malfunction light on

    4 days ago i had transmission replaced...upon completion and pulling out of shop the multifunction lamp came on.mechanic said prolly needs to do a passive regen...4 days later was still on and took back and he checked computer for codes and only stored codes were for trailer abs. The check...
  8. Bored Insane

    2012 FL Cascadia Engine brake

    Anyone know if engine brake in 2012 cascadia FL w/ DD15 is supposed to work like this?: tap on the brake to engage jake brake, tap on accelerator pedal to disengage. I have a manual trans, so on level ground I stop with down shifting and taping the brake to engage engine brake. This seems to...
  9. 4

    Cascadia def gauge issue

    I filled my def tank up and about 150 miles it dropped to red saying empty. I made it to a Pilot to fill it back up and only held 1 gallon. I'm assuming sending unit issue. Or is this common?
  10. S

    Freightliner Cascadia - Perfect 1:1 swr

    After trying everything to get a decent swr on my truck ive finally come up with THE solution for Freightliner Cascadias. I have a background in ham radio and know me a thing or two about setting up comms. Hopefully this will save a bunch of you the trial, error, and headache. This two...
  11. midnightrushwatson

    2013 Cascadia Electrical Problem

    My cigarette lighters keep shutting down. Really everything but the radio after a certain amount of time when the truck is off. How do I over ride this?
  12. midnightrushwatson

    Freightliner cascadia 2013

    When my truck is shut off after a certain amount of time everything but the radio looses power like the cigarette lighter outlets and such. Is there a way to over ride this so I don't have to restart the truck every so often?
  13. J

    Three Lights On With 2015 Freightliner Cascadia 125

    I am driving a freightliner 2015 cascadia 125 heavy duty truck and I have three lights on now. The engine light is constantly on, the check light is blinking , and stop light is flashing. The engine will die automatically if I don't park my truck on the side of the road. When I turn the truck...
  14. Mostarac

    Truck Repair 2012 Cascadia Transmission/Clutch Problem

    Hi all, My father bought a Freightliner Cascadia 2012 about a month and a half ago, after driving company trucks for about a year. Mileage somewhere in the 400,000's. About 3 weeks ago, he started having problems with the tranny. It's an Eaton Fuller Ultrashift, if I remember correctly; there's...
  15. B

    Unknown noise from 2012 Cascadia

    Tractor is 10 speed Cummins ISX15. Approx. 570k miles. No clue on what's causing noise. Mainly only audible in lower gears. It begins to dissipate or go away after shifting into 6th gear. Can best describe the sound as very very similar to the same sound one hears when they moisten a finger and...
  16. PapaDough

    Whoa! WTF? Safety Hazard on Cascadia Cruise Control

    Hello Mr. Giroux (Media Relations, Daimler Trucks North America) I have recently driven the new Cascadia here in Canada and I am compelled to write you regarding my experience. Overall, it is a comfortable, well-made truck but there is a dire safety hazard that needs immediate attention. When...
  17. mndriver

    Freightliner announces the new 2017 Cascadia

    Interesting that all the mega fleets had them badged out already. New Cascadia Preview: Welcome to the future
  18. B

    Cascadia work light wiring

    I recently bought a 2013 Cascadia but it has no decent work lights on the back. It has the utility lamps but they are just about useless for what I do. I want to install LED work lights on each flange of the air dam in the back but I'm wondering what would be the best way to wire them.
  19. M

    2011 Cascadia dd13 is 410 hp enough ?

    2011 cascadia with dd 13 410 hp . Is that enough to work with hauling grain 80 to 85000 lb loads ? Never drove anything that small . Engine was replaced @ 465000 so only about 165000 on it but why did it blow at that low miles ? Are they just too small to pull a load ? they were used for...
  20. Primoven

    13' Freightliner Cascadia

    I have an 1800 watts power inverter that came with my 13' Freightliner Cascadia and for some reason all the sudden stop working, that occurred after I wash the truck engine, or after I plugged to charge my blue parrot headset, I try to reset on the buttons that are in front of the inverter, but...