Yum! Waffle House!


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Where you can get a weave with your waffle!!!!!

"You like dat boo?"

""Sho nuff. Look good like sha nay nay"

"Man these mfers want they waffles"

"Y'all need to wait a minute! We doin impotent stuff!"


My first job was at a Wendy's.

A guy I worked with rubbed the inside of a bun through his ass crack & put it on a burger and served it to a cop in the drive thru.

It makes me wonder,... with the caliber of people who work in such places, especially today, why do cops even eat in restaurants at all while in uniform? They can't possibly be so naive that they don't think people do that kind of stuff to their food.

If I was a cop I would either go home on my lunch break or pack a lunch in a little cooler.


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In the small diner in my town sometimes a cop would come in. This one waitress would write their order down and yell to the cook, it's for a cop. Everyone would laugh.