You are judged by your childrens actions.

Discussion in 'Truckers and Parenting' started by Sinister, May 6, 2014.

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    @Sinisters Wife and I recently had a huge sleepover party for my sons 8th birthday. All said and done 13 kids slept over and 14 total showed up. There is hope for the future (despite what you see in the news) because most of these kids weren't bad at all, and really only the bad ones stood out.

    One kid simply did. not. listen. I'd ask him a question and he would siomply look the other way. He asked me for a juice box at one point and I said, "I think we're running out so wait a little while." He turned around opened my fridge, grabbed one and left. I almost exploded.

    Two kids are future sex offenders. They ran around sticking their hands down other kids pants (why the hell would you even want to do that) and had to be told to stop several times.

    One kid plots and plans, and recruits members into doing his bidding.

    One kid has severe emotional problems but is highly intelligent. I think if that kid gets the help he needs he can still do great things.

    Now, as to the parents of these monsters. The kid that did what he wanted despite my answers to him was picked up by obvious keeping up with the Jones' types. High end cars, fancy clothes, etc. Too busy doing that to realize their kid thinks the rules don't apply to him I guess. In about 7 years, he'll be on the news. These people have done a great disservice to their child in letting him get this way. My son says he does this at school also.

    The two sex offenders have probably been exposed to something they absolutely should not have. Whether this happened by accident or design we cannot know, but parents simply need to understand that there is no shortage on content in popular culture that can and will contaminate your child in a society that does not welcome free and open hedonistic sexual practices. These parents have also done their kids a great disservice, probably far beyond that of rule breaking. My son was wlaking around singing the Miley Cyrus song "Wrecking Ball" for a while. I'd never heard the whole song, and never seen the video.

    Here's a hint: if an 8 year old sees this and chuckles, "Hee hee her butts hanging out...", they are obviously too immature to handle such a video. And what's with the strings of spit in her mouth? Give her a glass of water before shooting the million takes on that video already.

    Oh sure, that video could be considered "art" in a high school, college setting. Nude photography and painting is nothing new. It's also not for youngsters.

    Ruler breakers can be taught. Sex offenders rarely revert to normal behavior.

    The kid with severe emotional issues can be helped but it has to happen SOON. This kids mind races far faster than his body, and he gets ahead of himself in many ways. He's the older of two brothers and a young divorced mom who seems to make excuses. The disservice here is that she needs to admit reality and get done what needs to get done.

    For myself, I'm far from perfect. We don't go to church (I'm not sure it's a necessity anyway), I yell too much too quickly, and often just don't listen to my kid when he's trying to explain something perfectly rational. I'm not around enough. I screw up a lot. But I do teach my son issues of good character, sportsmanship, right from wrong, etc. I don't expect when I'm gone and he's 50 for anyone to say, "Wow your parents did a great job." but I certainly don't want them to say, "Man did that guy come from a screwed up background."

    And yes, I have a good glimpse of the home life of those three or four kids that really stood out in a negative way at this party, and I'm sorry for the kids, and dislike the adults.

  2. Injun

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    It's amazing sometimes, that our children turn out okay in spite of us.
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  3. Sinister

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    What amazes me is how many times these terrible people we see in the news come from so called "good backgrounds".
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    My oldest has a friend I expect to read about in the news paper. Was a good kid but Mom is a "John of the Month" type. Poor girl was in her last year of school when Mom shacks up with some drunk on the wrong side of the county line.

    My Wife and I tried to help with our address but it.was to much of a headache to come get her on the weekends:rant:

    We told the Mom she could just stay for the last school year, no charge..........

    **** said " Well if you want to cover my lost food stamps"

    Girl ended up staying at G'ma's house and walking to the county line. Finished high school and applied UTK. Yeah Mom of the year could not be bothered to submit the grant paperwork.

    Kid was bright. Saw her hanging outside the MT Bottle last weekend. Stopped by and asked how she was doing. 19 year old kid gacked out of her f'ing mind. Shacked up with some guy that her mom set her up with.

    Brat was crying when we left. Just couldn't believe the change.

    The rest of my kids friends seem alright. Most of them are scared crapless when they come over between my dogs and I.

    Sign at the front door says "Stray children will be fed to dogs if misbehaving" ;)

    I told one concerned Mother I was half kidding :eek:
  5. Injun

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    Reminds me of the sign I saw in a clubhouse once: Not Responsible for Women Left Unattended.

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  6. Duck

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    I don't think it's the sign. You posted a picture not too long ago & if that was you in the picture, ... I'd have been scared of you too when I was a kid. ;)
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  7. Blood

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    If he woulda talked to YOUR mom he woulda told her not worry because the dogs were picky eaters. :biglaugh:
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  8. Tazz

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    It wasn't in Lil' Pete's place in Safety Harbor,Fl was it? He had one like that.

    Would have been a Warrior's Clubhouse
  9. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    Just one thought. The kid with the parents that have all the high end cars and fancy clothes that thinks the rules do not apply to him, He is probably right! Most of the rules will not apply to him. That said he is being set up for huge disappointments and depression. He will probably and up in a sales job or some office type job stepping on toes to get what he feels is rightfully his. You may have met some of these people.
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  10. Tazz

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    I don't remember posting my pick. Little guy short hair, runt of the litter?

    May have been. ;)
    Crys still complains Whitey will not eat regular hot dogs when she uses them for his meds. He will not eat ground hamburger either.

    All beef hot dogs ( he really likes the new Angus Dogs from Ballpark) and ground sirloin.

    Now the rest of the pack will eat anything that holds still. Devo has brought me Moles, Rabbits, Lizards, 2 snakes, a Poodle, some cats, and one Finch. I told Crys she better start feeding her more before she eats the old lady down the road.
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  11. Injun

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    Nah. Was in the NW.
  12. Duck

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    It didn't take long to find it. I just went to the pets section.

    Third picture in this thread:

    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ tattooed on the forearm, ... and I don't think it's ever left your signature line even though you change the quote in there regularly. So I assumed it's you. Not as scary-looking as I remember it though.
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  13. Tazz

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    Damn Devo looks small there. Forgot about that thread. She looks like half a horse now. I think I was off on the Whippet guess.
  14. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    The kids putting their hands down other kids pants, I would be very suspicious about that type of behavior. Why would they do that, Where did they pick that up from. The parents should be asking questions and or seeking the help of a child psychologist. It could just be kids being goofy kids or it could be more than that.
  15. Duck

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    If it's an attempt to give the other kid a wedgie though, that's normal.
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  16. Blood

    Blood Driveler Emeritus Supporter

    About 15 years ago (at the tender age of 42) I wrestled my brother to the ground and endeavored to give him a wedgie. :)

    That ended with me running across the yard, trying to shake my hand off my arm and screaming, HE'S NOT WEARING DRAWERS!!

    I'm still in therapy over it. :(
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  17. Duck

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  18. Blood

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  19. Duck

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  20. texan168

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    Kids used to allways spend the night at our house and we've had a lot if strays that had one problem or another at home that needed a place to crash. From the outset if the kids disrespected our home or my wife I'd pack them up and take them home no matter the time of night. Of all the kids we've had at our home I've only had to do it twice. When kids are clear on what the boundaries are and know they will be held accountable there won't be problems.
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