WWE's The Undertaker retires

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by THBatMan8, Apr 4, 2017.

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    IIRC, the World Wildlife Fund sued to get them to quit using the WWF. REALLY?!? The Venn diagram of those two clientele would look like a Marty Feldman's eyes.

    And this has been floating around Reddit a lot lately:

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  2. rigjockey

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    I would sooner give my money to the WWF wrestling folk than the WWF :panic:Panic attack the sky is falling Save the Penguins in the north pole folks:biglaugh:, What kind of communist Bullshit is that?
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  3. Duck

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    Nerd alert! :rolleyes:


    Excellent analogy though.
  4. Duck

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    The green kind.
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  5. THBatMan8

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    I remember both. I also remember in 1996 when Undertaker ripped through the ring canvas to grab Kevin Nash. I was babysitting my niece at the time and she was 4. After she saw that, she always checked under her bed before going to bed at night to make sure the Undertaker wasn't there. Lol
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  6. rigjockey

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    One time I went to see a small Wrestling show. It did not have the production value of the WWF or WWE. But it was not too bad. Those guys work hard fro their money!
    Of course it is staged but you have to appreciate the athletics it takes to put on a show like that.
    I am sure those guys spend the night with beer, pain killers and ice packs.
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  7. Southern Fried

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    Not to mention that some of these guys develop some dang fine acting/comedy skills

    EG... Stone Cold Steve Austin with his "spots" and the ongoing bits with "Mr Vince McMann".
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  8. THBatMan8

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    A week and a half later, Undertaker made his retirement official on his Twitter page, saying "May my legacy Rest In Peace".

    The manner in which he retired was a carbon copy of how Shawn Michaels (HBK) retired. HBK had a match with Undertaker at WM 25, and nearly won. He wanted a rematch at WM 26, but Undertaker refused. So, HBK periodically attacked Undertaker, costing Undertaker the WHC at Summer Slam. Undertaker finally accepted HBK's rematch at under a stipulation that HBK must retire if he lost. HBK ended up loosing the match, but Undertaker gained so much respect for HBK that he broke character to help him up and hug him. Undertaker wanted the same for his retirement, and he picked Roman Reigns because Undertaker has always been loyal to Vince and Vince loves Reigns.
  9. THBatMan8

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    My favorite Undertaker moment hands down is his WM27 entrance. I forgot his name, but there was a rapper that ripped Undertakers theme music for one of his songs, and the WWE sued the rapper. The case was still active when WM27 came around, so Undertaker got his revenge on the rapper by using a Katy Perry song for his entrance (the rapper was friends with Perry).

  10. Sinister

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    I went to a local wrestling show once too.

    All American Wrestling.

    It was hilarious. Actually made me want to be a heel.
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  11. THBatMan8

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    This confirmed my belief that Stone Cold had a man crush on Vince.

  12. THBatMan8

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    Another funny Undertaker moment from the attitude era when Undertaker had his biker gimmick. After Raw ended, Booker T, The Rock, Golddust, Triple H and a few others tried to get Undertaker to do a dance. If you have the time to spare, this video is hilarious.

  13. (((ME)))

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    Years ago I used to watch wrestling and roller derby skates....Until friend of mine took me to a live wrestling match....That was the ruination of wrestling for me....never watched it after that.
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  14. rigjockey

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    @Injun that should go in the word invention hall of fame.
    Unless that is a real word, I have no idea.
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  15. THBatMan8

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    Last year during the WWE's authority gimmick, Seth Rollins curb stomped Dean Ambrose's head through cinder blocks.

    We all know this was staged to give Ambrose time off

    Off camera Triple H broke character to tell a crying 6 year old girl that they were acting. The adult the girl was with is a Facebook friend of mine.
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  16. (((ME)))

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    They don't make them like this any more.
  17. (((ME)))

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    yes they worked together, raised families, became best of friends. Donated there time and funds to good causes.
    Nothing fake about that.
  18. Injun

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    Who the **** would take a six year old girl to a wrestling show, anyway? The adult who was with her should be ....spoken to very sternly.
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  19. Blood

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    I wouldn't take my 6 year old grandson either...
    Or the 8 year old for that matter.
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  20. Blood

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