Windows down vs. windows up and AC impact on fuel mileage

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    Ok. That I do know and you are correct, whenever it is on defrost, it does run, but you originally said "all the time" which made me say ....huh?. And actually, most compressors are variable displacement compressors now, and those do not cycle the clutch on and off. I can't believe you made me text it
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    LOL, brought the laptop on the last day. Too funny. And thats right, you graduate tomorrow and then its off to swift* to start the training. You gotta be pretty stoked right now about that.

    *remind us again why you went to swift. lol j/k

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    Lol. No, I wish I had my laptop. I'm using my phone, thay's why it's a pain in the ass. Pay attention would ya. Lol.

    Yeah, I'm pretty stoked.

    **.....because Swift is the BEST COMPANY OUT THERE, AND.....AND..... THEY HAVE FLATS! :tongueout:
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    Looks like i (man this sounds so wrong in so many ways) pulled a Racer and skim read. But i really didn't, pull a Racer i mean. LOL

    LOL still laughing about the swift thing yesterday. Yep it doesn't take much to entertain me. haha
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    I can only speak about my own car, ... 2003 Buick Century.

    The A/C pump does NOT run AT ALL unless I push the "A/C" button, or turn it to "Max". On defrost, it doesn't use the A/C. I've driven 18 wheelers that do, and I've driven cars that do, .. I'm just saying, mine doesn't.
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    I said:

    So yes, there will be some time when there is no movement of refrigerant (and lubricant) in the system.

    If they are variable displacement and do not have a magnetic clutch then they will be running all the time. Variable displacement pumps should be at or near zero displacement when the swashplate is in the neutral position, but there still would need to be some movement of the refrigerant to also circulate the lubricant in it.
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    What year is your truck?

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    You said;

    It is not on all the time. And not on heat either..only defrost and a/c.
    Where did I say they do not HAVE a clutch?
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    You didn't. But you said the newer systems have variable displacement pumps. So they would not need a clutch.

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    That was your assumption. They do have clutches but they don't cycle on and off during operation to controll pressures they are either on (clutch engaged) or off (disengaged).
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    Careful now.. yer almost harassing the one guy I respect here. :bully:

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    Not meaning any harassment or disrespect towards [MENTION=3730]Racer X 69[/MENTION]. Just clarifying. This is exactly why I didn't want to even start the discussion. I knew it would seem like I was doing that. Hopefully [MENTION=3730]Racer X 69[/MENTION] understands that I wasn't.
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    :whistle: :cool:
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    :biglaugh::nono::wtf::rolllaugh: I wont bore you on what I think about Swift's rate cutting halfass flatbed fleet.

    Variable displacement pumps, swashplate?
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    Don't ask me.. I'm still tryin' ta find muffler bearings.
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    The muffler bearings are at the base of the muffler in between the muffler and the pipe. If you move them to the top of the muffler you get an increase of maybe .23 mpg. They need to be greased regularly. Ask Speedco to do it. If the bearings seize your exhaust will come out the air cleaners which is not a good thing.
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    If they are like variable displacement hydraulic pumps, there is a bunch of pistons, and a set of cylinders that match the pistons. The swashplate is attached to the pistons and is either perpendicular to the axis of the pump shaft (no flow) or angled proportionally to the desired flow.

    Axial piston pump - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Wait till you see the price of a new kanueton valve.


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