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Window Tint

Discussion in 'General Trucking Discussion' started by j911brick, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Is window tint legal? The regs say it is, but I have been told twice this year by the DOT that it s not.
  2. Tinting regulations vary state by state.

    Enforcement also varies state by state.

    In my state the state troopers carry a set of tinted "gages" to compare to the tinting on the windows. If they determine the tinting is beyond the amount allowed they write a "defective equipment" ticket. Part of regaining compliance is removing the excessive tinting.
  3. Good point that the states differ, but then we can only be written for a state violation and has nothing to do with CSA?
  4. Your reading the regs wrong.

    Window tint on any CMV is illegal. With that being said I have mine tinted and have had it on for a few years now. Missouri is the only state that has said anything to me about it.
    One of are other O/O's had his tinted and a Minnesota trooper came after him in rush hour traffic just to give him a ticket for it.
  5. FMCSA section 393.60
    [TABLE="width: 0, align: center"]
    [TD][TABLE="width: 960, align: center"]
    [TD][TABLE="class: leftNavAndContenttable, width: 100%"]
    [TD="class: contentarea, bgcolor: #FFFFFF, colspan: 2"][TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD][TABLE="width: 98%, align: center"]
    [TD="width: 100%, colspan: 2"] Coloring or tinting of windshields and windows. Coloring or tinting of windshields and the windows to the immediate right and left of the driver is allowed, provided the parallel luminous transmittance through the colored or tinted glazing is not less than 70 percent of the light at normal incidence in those portions of the windshield or windows which are marked as having a parallel luminous transmittance of not less than 70 percent. The transmittance restriction does not apply to other windows on the commercial motor vehicle.[/TD]

  6. At a minimum I think this is likely to be an issue that gets you pulled over to "discuss" it.

    If I'm not mistaken, not too long ago it was not legal at all?
  7. Adding tint to any glass to the right or left(meaning your door windows) is and all ways has been illegal in a CMV. The regs say
    Meaning you can have 30 percent "tint". The kicker is door glass is manufacture with 30 percent tint in the glass. Adding any tint to it puts it under 70 percent of transparent light.

    Like I said I'v been down this road before, I have mine tinted now and have had trucks tinted in the passed. Missouri, so far is the only state thats said anything to me about it and when he checked it it was 17 percent, in other words its dark tint.
    Texas and Colo have been known to bust ass for window tint, so I've been told.
  8. 3 of our drivers got a ticket in about a 4 month time period; 1 each in OH, IA, and MO. The owner of the company said all tint on all vehicles, even pickups, must be removed.

    Window tint makes absolutely no sense to me. I want to be able to SEE when I'm driving and backing up. If the sun's too bright, sunglasses work great.

    When I got in this truck, one of the first things I did was get rid of the added tint on ALL the glass.
  9. I think the law is complete BS. Every vehicle I have ever owned has had the windows tinted to the legal limit.. 35% here in MA.. Same should go for commercial vehicles. I am comfortable driving any vehicle with the windows tinted and to me it cuts down on the glare of the sun off other vehicles.

    A few guys in the area will get warnings for tint, But it's not a huge deal here.
  10. My concern is keeping the truck cool inside.
  11. Tinted windows are nice in the daytime but not at night. I want to be able to see out better.

    I know they make sunglasses that adjust their tint according to the amount of light they're exposed to. It's probably only a matter of time before that technology becomes cheap enough to make automotive windows out of.
  12. As you pointed out, the law as it pertains to commercial vehicles changed in April.

    And I think this is why:

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  13. Air conditioning.
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  14. WOW, Man! LOOK at that.WOW.
  15. Where did you get that picture of Patty?
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  16. Look what 35 years of sunlight through the window can do for your complexion!
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  17. Freight hauler with no AC, windows down. Windows have had UV protection for a while now.
  18. Aye... but is that 70% *after.... or *including manufactured material light emitting values?

    Funny... I can't see inside a LEO's car in Texas for all the "BLACK" where glass is sposta be.
  19. And its not legal for them either. Just another example of cops breaking the law for their own benefit.
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