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WIA Grants for CDL school/training

Discussion in 'New Truck Driver Questions' started by wheeldeals, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Just want to let everyone know is that you can get a WIA (Workforce Investment Act) grant to pay for trucking school. The
    qualifications for WIA are Unemployed, Underemployed, or Dislocated Worker (Due to layoff, Seasonal Work). It can usually be approved within two weeks. All states provide WIA funding through there Workforce, Worksource, or OneStop Career Centers. They usually cover all the tuition, and materials needed to attend training/school. They do not provide living expenses. So be prepared with savings or make arrangements for your living expenses. There are a number of documents going to be needed for WIA. They are your DL, SS card, HS Diploma or GED if you have one, SS cards for everyone living in your household. Proof of being unemployed, underemployed, or dislocated copies of any type of assistance or income. These are pretty much the basics. Also if I were you research the schools around you to see which one you want to attend. Otherwise they will choose for you and you may not like the one they choose. Hope this information is helpful to someone. Save yourself the grief others have had with so called company paid cdl training or loans at ridiculous interest rates. This way you owe no one anything.
  2. Good post. Thanks for providing this useful information.
  3. will they pay for the endorsments also ?
  4. If the school covers your license. They will cover it and most schools cover your cdl license with tuition.
  5. I just returned from the Texas Workforce place near Dallas Texas and was told the federal funds for this program are frozen for the time being. Maybe this only applies to Texas (since Obama hates us...j/k don't get your panties in a bunch) but at least that was my experience this afternoon.
  6. Both schools that I attended did not include the cost of the license, or the endorsements, in the tuition.
  7. ok got off the phone here is the low down and inside info. There is money coming first of july only state and fed employess know about. If you can get someone on the inside to get the flow you are safe. But, i called and was told the money is only used for ongoing education. Which means people abusing the system gets the money first and is wasted, lmao. so call friends, neighbors, relatives and start pulling strings. thats the only way you are gonna get the money. or vocational rehab is the last option. endorsments i have to pay for but its cheap, besides hazmat which takes a couple months to get cleared for.
  8. The school I went to covered the cost of the HAZMAT fingerprinting as well as the license. I didn't pay a dime, Obama's WIA funds covered the whole thing..... I still don't like him and you can get your panties in a bunch, I do not care.:tiphat:
  9. i'm just finishing truck school in washington through wia.
    they payed for everything[i live nearby so no lodging exp.]
    they paid for twic card,got forklift certified,flagging cert,cpr class,but didnt cover hazmat.
    its the first square deal iv'e ever gotten from the goverment,but i am grateful.this is worthwhile.it's better than sending billions of dollars to some country that hates us.they should do more of this.
  10. glad to here you got a full ride. I am hoping maybe this time i might get some wia money. Third time is a charm they say, lol.
  11. I wish I had known about WIA when I got my cdl. I'm sure I would have qualified. Although I had to pay for my own license and endorsements, it was not including in the tuition cost. So, if you are going on some other dime other than WIA, be sure to have that cost up front. With Swift for example, for those who are not WIA funded, there is still no up front cost for the tuition since payments are withheld from your weekly pay after you start driving, but you will need to have the money to pay for your license on the day you test for you cdl.
  12. They told me the same thing here in Florida. I outsmarted them and went to the head director of wia for the state and got approved in two weeks. Apparently I had been the only one to take that initiative here and she approved it. They always have the money because they are supposed to set aside 25% of funds for the last month. July is the new fiscal year for WIA programs. Also if you are considered a dislocated worker such as laid off or unemployed there is something called WID which is only for dislocated workers. WIA is broken into several catergories. Just do your research online for your states WIA program ahead of time. Let them know you know what is there and what's not. Essentially know more about the program than them. I promise if you fall under there guidelines you will get it. Just remember they are government funded. One person doesn't know what happened two minutes ago and the other person you talk to knows exactly what is going on and how to do it.
  13. wheeldeals (et al), I got a bit of clarity on the picture today. I did call around to several offices. It seems as though their limits have been reached on either the number of enrollments or their funding has been allocated already. One office said that if I was not on unemployment or was refused unemployment she would not qualify me to proceed. Since I was a contractor I am not eligible for unemployment bennies. So the rest of you guys and gals keep searching! It does exist. I am fortunate to have other funds so I feel better leaving the WIA funds for people that really need them or could use them! Good luck, y'all.
  14. i have been unemployed for a year and half. i tried back when i first started unemployment. same answer no money. this time only for ingoing education. the woman at the school said she will try to pull some strings for me. Its bad because alot of the times they say you have to deal with the local office. but i will check with the woman at the school and if no luck hit up the head honcho. thanks for the info wheels.
  15. The WIA program is designed to help an individual enter or re-enter the work force.
    If you have already had training in another field then you would not qualify for this program. An example would be: an Electrician or Industrial Technology
    An example of experience that would be considered for the program would be: an Assembly Line worker or any non- placeable vocation that would hinder an individual from being able to find ample work or decent wages.
    The program replenishes their regional funds, annually, every July (approx the 7th).
    Apply now and put forth the effort to show the case workers that you are serious about the program and that you will be there for the long haul.
  16. I attended 2 schools because I could'nt get my backing down.They must of felt 4 hrs and 12 students is enough backing practice during the 5 weeks.That school was paid for by WIA because the job I had for 9 yrs laid me off.I also received a nice severance pkg,$5000.00..Reason being is because I had alot of PTO days I never used so they added that with the pkg.Then of course unemployment benifits.I took every bit of the unemployment I had coming to me even when I got a job.I knew I would'nt make it on truckers wage so I kept the unemployment.
  17. WIA only paid for the initial course, correct?????????????????? + ?
  18. Yes just the schooling.I had to attend alot of classes at the unemployment office first and had to take alot of computer test.They don't just hand you the Grant,you have to work to get it.It was a couple months before they approved me.I had 5 choices,welding,business,nursing,truckdriving and I can't remember the fifth choice.Gateway gave me the severance pkg.
  19. Yeah..uncle sugar to the rescue..he giveth and he taketh away..

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