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Discussion in 'New Truck Driver Questions' started by Cdl student, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Cdl student

    Cdl student Member

    Im looking to buy a Gps unit there's so many out there world nav 7400, Garmins 560Lt, rand mcnally intelliRoute Tnd 720...
  2. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    I don't have a GPS, because I use a laptop with Streets and Trips and a GPS antenna to map, route, plan and navigate.

    But this GPS was part of a contest here recently, and passed around like a hooker at a frat party (I won it, donated it back for another contest, [MENTION=4229]terrylamar[/MENTION] won it, donated it back for a 3rd contest, [MENTION=8941]Injun[/MENTION] won it, and deferred it to the second place contest winner [MENTION=8832]RACEFAN[/MENTION]).

    Garmin DEZL

    So if RACEFAN has been using it yet he should be able to comment on the functionality and accuracy of the unit.
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  3. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

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    RACEFAN Space Truckin Supporter

    The best GPS is a free GPS. LOL/JK.

    The Garmin is really nice, but I have found that it doesn't find some streets, or even some cities. It just says "no matches found", kinda frustrating.
    It has worked very well for locating truck stops, rest areas, wallmarts...etc.
    Overall, I really like having it on the truck. It has been very helpful in some situations.
    I cannot speak about the other brands though, but if getting the Gamin, get the LMT instead of LT. It has free lifetime map updates as well as traffic.
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  5. qwaynick

    qwaynick Member

    I'm a new driver. My trainer just bought the Rand Mcnally 720. So far of what I've seen of it you can't go wrong with it.
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  6. Buckboard

    Buckboard Well-Known Member

    Couple of guys I drove with had a GPS. I never messed with one before. I have one for hiking in back country but don't use it. Nothing more than a toy. The first thing they said was don't trust it. I'm a map guy anyway. The big roads are easy of course and this way or that way navigating through a big city ain't that big a deal with just your atlas. I do use my laptop for getting close and when the qualcomm say's "No directions found. We don't have a clue where the place is. Please let us know where it is if you find it. Best of luck"...I use my phone and talk to a human and they give me directions spot on. Although...the chicks voice on the GPS is kinda cool. I told one guy I wanted to get one and set it so it talks in French. He asked me if I speak French and I said no..."I just dig French chicks".
    Also...in a moment of weakness I did buy a GPS for my truck. Read all about the Garmin something-or-other and got it rigged up and going. Punched in the address I was headed to in the morning and it came back 'not found' or some such thumbs down. I knew where the place was, due to my skills mentioned earlier. I promptly took the $250s worth of useless information back to lady at Pilot counter for a refund. She asked why and I gave her my spiel and she told me I needed to update it through my laptop. "Up date it?! The highway has been there for a hundred years and the business has been there for thirty. How old is this thing?? Update? Really?!" Got my money back and put the whole GPS business out of my mind. I'll drive any major city and make my way through it or around it and never miss. Those big green signs that tell you stuff work. Also...newbie dude/dudett... study/look at your map atlas before you head out. Get in in your head. Not a GPs. Write down your route on a note pad you can look at and reference along your way.
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  7. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    The Blair Witch Project would have been an even more boring movie if they'd had a GPS
  8. DubbleD

    DubbleD Color Commentator

    Some cities need to be entered in different manners... such as ...MOUNT, MT .... if a city doesn't show up try various abbreviations. You'll find it.

    I'm a Garmin fan, I can route several destinations at one time and always have an ETA, miles to, time from, and a host of other doohickies... like... elevation for those nights I'm running hills and don't remember up from down....have used the Rand Mcnally and like the MM feature. Don't like the entry method for destination on the RM though.
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  9. We use the 5" Cobra. Would stay away from Rand McNally until the new 720 can prove itself. They had quite a bit of software issues with the 710 that have supposedly been corrected with the 720. Happy with the Cobra but have been considering going to a 7" model. Cobra has also released their new 7" so will wait and see how the two stack up against each other.
  10. KevTruckin

    KevTruckin Well-Known Member

    Any of these gps units have weather radar?
  11. The new Rand McNally 720 has weather. It is WiFi capable and would require a smart phone with hot spot capabilities in order to get the weather updated as you drive.

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