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Discussion in 'Landstar' started by bobbym60, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. bobbym60

    bobbym60 Member

    any body got any thing to say about landstar ranger,i am thinking about leasing a tractor to them, let me know good or bad
  2. Tn. Truckers Wife

    Tn. Truckers Wife Well-Known Member Supporter

    My husband worked for Landstar 8 years ago and we have a member on the forum who was currently driving for Landstar until he was involved an accident in May...
    There ok...If you have your own agent ,which is kinda rare, the agent will get your loads for you OR you will have to find your own loads on a load board...
    I used to stay on the board and book my hubby's loads..
  3. Cerberus

    Cerberus In God We Trust

    Not sure where your located but Wyatt Earp is looking for a lease driver to drive for Landstar. Send him a PM if your interested.
  4. bobbym60

    bobbym60 Member

    response to lease driver

    :cheers:i thank you for the response,but i'm in the process of buying a exhd pete,and was wondering how landstar is with o/o,tired of the company driver scene,i got enough years under my belt,that i want to finally answer to one person,ME.but i do appreciate the thought my good friend.you know i wish trucking would go back 29yrs when i first started and all drivers would have each others back,these days,heck you cant even get a driver to even bs with ya on the 2 way,without him calling you every name in the book,a lord forbid if you break down,think 90% of these guys will stop and help anymore. yeah right,but just from your response you still sound like one of the good ole drivers.looking out for another. god bless and be safe......
  5. Cerberus

    Cerberus In God We Trust

    Best of luck to you starting up the owner operater dealio. I hear ya on the old days. Only time you can ever get a response now days is if they hear a womans voice and thats just them talking a bunch of smack. On the odd occassion you run across a good driver who is thinking the same thing as you are til you two start chatting. Me being the smart ass i am, i say hello to everyone when i am out, and if they don't say a word or just give me a **** eating look, i make a smart ass remark to them. Kinda like, "How you doing?"...no answer..."Good for you, hope it gets worse"...But i have to say i have run into some really nice people out there at truck stops in the restaraunts and such. I always sat at the counter and just struck up conversations . There are some good people left out there but with the way frieght is and how companies treat drivers now, drivers are more concerned with themselves and their families and not worried about there fellow drivers. Drivers now days are so scared and wondering what each day brings and if they have a job the next day.
  6. notarps4me

    notarps4me Shy and Quiet.

  7. bobbym60

    bobbym60 Member

    ur ride

    nice looking petercar,aint nothin as sweet as a long nose pete,mercer have dropdecks and can i use one of their trailers,they non forced dispatch,
  8. notarps4me

    notarps4me Shy and Quiet.

    Thanks.. yeah right now if you go on with them you have to lease one of their trailers. They have van, step, flat. No forced dispatch. You run like you want. I am happy here. I only been here a couple weeks and I am impressed so far.
  9. bobbym60

    bobbym60 Member


    not to be noisey but what kind of money you makin a week since you been there,and how much fuel cost per week trying to figure out what my operating cost is going to come out to and what my bring home will be thks lnp
  10. notarps4me

    notarps4me Shy and Quiet.

    I avg 6 mpg. I won't take anything under a buck and a quarter a mile and I try not to dead head anything more than 200 miles. Had some truck issues, truck is being overhauled now, so I am not able to post decent numbers yet. I do short work and stay on the board if I am in a bad area. I try to go for the big money runs, but will pocket some money while I am waiting for those runs. Lots of short runs pay good, but few want to mess with them. If I can pocket 200 bucks a day while waiting on a good load I am content.
  11. snowflake

    snowflake Ow ya goin'

    I/we are at Mercer too....its a good deal......been there for over 18 months a lot of drivers have been there for years.....
  12. Chae Transport

    Chae Transport Well-Known Member

    Bobby they are both good companies like most in the industry you still need to do your research and decide if their program will suit your business needs. The biggest thing I found when I broke into the world of owner/operator, make sure you are ready to make the sacrafice for all sections of the industry has its ups and downs.
    Make sure while eating is good that you do like the squirrels and store away for the famine season
  13. freightchaser

    freightchaser New Member

    Hi. Bill Here. Did you get your truck thru Mercer? The purple Pete?
  14. Landstaragent

    Landstaragent Member

    Well as an agent with Landstar I can tell you that the Company is truly built around our BCO's or Owner Opperators. They have just recently invested in some good technology for the drivers making it easier to conduct business while on the road.
  15. Tn. Truckers Wife

    Tn. Truckers Wife Well-Known Member Supporter

    That was the part that I didn't like was sitting on a computer for 10 hours a day and try to find him a load..He drove for Landstar for 2 years and had an agent for part of that time...That was great and he made good money...After the agent retired he was back to the load boards and then I would move him around after he was out on the road..
  16. TNFiremedic

    TNFiremedic Well-Known Member

    My entire family are agents for Landstar. I can tell you we'd love to have drivers sign on with us and do regular moves. The problem is, most of the time, your moves are one way, so we have to work to find return stuff. We don't mind doing it, but you have to understand that not every load is going to pay $2.50 a mile like we'd like.

    I have daily stuff in Memphis, Dallas, Chicago, Toledo area, and Minneapolis right now that I'd love to get moved with dedicated runners. If you're husband is interested, please private message me and I'll be happy to give you our contact info. Personally, My family has been with Landstar for 15+ years and I love them. I grew up in Landstar and appreciate the relationship we can develop and how open ended our ability to make a living is. It's all in how hard you're willing to work and how far you're willing to go to forge relationships and network.

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