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What schools do employers respect the most in Northern California area?

Discussion in 'New Truck Driver Questions' started by ariqs, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. So I guess the question I should be asking is what companies should I try to get a prehire for. Shall I make a new thread, or do you fine folks have a valid opinion here? I'd prefer not to get put in some busy city right off because I'm a country boy, and even driving my car in a big confusing city can be overwhelming for me at times.
  2. I am partial to flatbed companies. They usually pay more.
  3. FYI..pre-hires ARE NOT a guaranteed job offer. that comes later on. pre-hires only means that a company "show's an interest in you".

    so from one stand point, send out as many apps as you can. DO NOT expect pre-hires from all you apply to.

    once hired, and you are at ANY trucking company orientation, the FINAL decision to hire you still looms over your head. you can be "let go" for any number of reasons. too numerous to mention here.
  4. Any specific companies? A guy I work with that has his own business selling oil on the side said he'd buy me a truck and pay me 40k a year, but I'm not sure that's the way to go.
  5. They do grade, but I doubt that it makes a difference. Probably some kind of behind the doors politics that means nothing to drivers getting hired. Good health means not having untreated elevated blood pressure, or meds that make you feel good and alters your judgement.
  6. I decided to pass on the cheap / shove you through as fast as possible schools. I am paying a bit more for it, but i think it will provide me with better training for all aspects of being a true Professional Driver. I decided to go with AIT. It's a long course, but i feel it is the best, and the only Federally Accredited school around So. Cal.

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