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Discussion in 'Heavy Haul-Oversize' started by RDBG, Jun 28, 2017.

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    I've been driving for about a year; all flatbed/stepdeck with occasional oversize but nothing too serious. I have just accepted a new position at a heavy haul company. The plan is to start me on step decks and lowboys and work up to bigger and bigger loads which is completely sensible and understandable. They do everything from a few legal loads to superloads and everything in between.
    My question is this. What would you tell me besides the obvious eyes and ears open mouth shut?
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    Take your time and be patient, you aren't going to go from steps to 13 axles overnight.

    Progress at your own pace. Don't let the company push you into something you're not comfortable with or ready for.

    Other drivers at your company....always look to help out and get free advice in return for said help. Basically free ojt.

    The biggest thing is just paying attention.....everything from load securement to permits. Lot's of details to be attended to.

    Prepare to have all sorts of attention from the ladies, cuz.......

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    Maybe you already know this since you said you have done "occasional oversize", but really be on the ball about permits.

    Permits can bite you in the ass.......expensively.

    Make sure ALL the numbers are right.
    Unit plate/trlr plate/load serial/# of axles/spacings/weight...on each axle and gross.
    Make sure of the dates on the permit. You know how many times I would get my permit for the next state emailed to me only to find the damn thing didn't start til the next day?
    A lot... the answer is a lot.
    Check the routing. You want to get your map out and follow along the route and look for anything that might cause you a problem. Turns that go beyond 90 iffin you're pulling a multi axle unit. R/R crossings that could hang you up, low clearances....routes that just up and disappear on you.
    You know how many times.....a lot!
    Any of these things don't match up could give the DOT/Statie an excuse to pull your permit. Now you're sitting there at 14 tall/12 wide and 150 gross with no permit.
    Huge fine to follow......

    Don't take any of these things or ANYTHING written on that permit for granted. The permit is only as good as the person who input the numbers. Chances are (100%) that the person at the state office has never pulled a regular load, much less an OD one, and gives zero ****s about the accuracy of any of the info on said permit.

    Anything you hit on that route will be your fault. You're 14-2 and the state routes you under a 13-10? Your responsibility to catch that.
    It will state that right on the permit.
    All of those things plus travel dates/times/curfews and inclement weather restrictions (CT in the rain....don't do it) OH speed limits and slowing down going over bridges/overpasses....they take that **** serious. Also in OH you cannot just jump off the big road into the Petropilotflyingj, unless it's specifically routed on your permit. Ya gotta axe for that otherwise, you're off route.
    Don't be off route.

    Off route..... it's gonna happen one day, you miss a turn or the routing is screwed up somehow, and you're off route, now what? Well the official party line from the state and your company (probably) will be to stop and call local law enforcement. You should do that.....
    However, if you decide to take matters in your own hands and get yourself back on route, make sure you don't dig your hole deeper than it already is.
    Being off route will be expensive enough but if you go and cross a bridge/overpass trying to get back on track that's when it can get ugly. States really get their panties in a twist about that and the fines can start in the 5 digit range.
    Seem to remember a Turner driver with a super load get a $400k fine for some dipshittery.

    OD pays much more than your average dry/reefer/flat type trucking but it comes with a metric **** tonne more responsibility/liability so.....PAY ATTENTION!
    Could save you a huge fine.

    There's only about a million other things I didn't get to that you will have to be on top of. You will get the hang of it over time and do just fine.
    Hope you enjoy hauling OD as much as I did.
    It ain't rocket surgery and it beats being a prima donna Wal-Mart driver......
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  6. Tazz

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    You'll notice he is an ex OD hauler. Now he just passes gas all over town.

    His advice is sound. But I would much rather make 90-100k a year and not have to double check government bureaucrats with multithousand dollars of fines on the line.

    From what I have seen buy a large suitcase. Having any semblance of a life outside of that truck is not going to happen.
  7. RDBG

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    Yeah I did say occasionally and nothing too serious. 60 ft beams 10 ft wide loads sometimes a little over height. I've dealt with permits before but nothing like the stuff I'm getting myself into here.

    I take it there's a "prima donna Walmart driver" here and an inside joke I'm not privy to.
  8. Keendriver

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    2 of 'em actually.

    meh....they're the worst

    Just a whole lotta **** talking goes on here.
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  9. Tazz

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    Saving that for later.
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    Fixed it for ya
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  12. RDBG

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    Straight into the fire 14'2" wide today.

  13. Duck

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    Is that why you quit to go haul tampons? o_O

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    shut up
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  15. Keendriver

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    Man I hope you haul better than you picture take.:tongueout:

    Good luck dude...you're on your way!
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    Yeah it was not in the best spot to get far enough away for a good one. Not much better anywhere I stopped today either. Oh well there will be more.
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    For the record I was a primadonna heavy hauler too.

    I'm nothing if not consistent.

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