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What happened to the driver?

Discussion in 'General Trucking Discussion' started by MasterDon, May 28, 2012.

  1. Does anyone remember an accident in downtown seattle that destroyed part of an historic park in Pioneer Square? On January 15, 2001 a U.S. Express truck was trying to make a right hand turn from 1st Ave. to Yesler Way. The turn was not performed well and the trailer knocked over had destroyed the pergola. You can read about it here if you are interested: HistoryLink.org- the Free Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History.

    What I really would like to know is what happened to the driver. Was the driver terminatred? Is the driver still driving? Does anyone know the driver?
  2. damn, so long ago. it is never usually front page or second page news after the first time it gets reported. and being so many years ago, who would really know?? With so many accidents happening each and every day by inept drivers, how can anyone keep track???
  3. I did not really figure anyone would know...........just through it out there since I see that pergola several times a week. I remember when the accident happended and wondered at the time what would happen to the driver. Just a point of curiosity really.
  4. I remember that accident. Don't know what happened to the driver for sure. Didn't the driver of the truck flee the scene? There was surveillance video they kept showing on the news, asking for help finding the guy.

    Probably some n00b that washed out after that.
  5. That sounds right. They showed that clip over and over again. Did they show that clip around.the country? I was in Seattle the whole time so I saw it on local news.
  6. I never saw it, not even on YOUTUBE
  7. I saw a guy make a left turn in St. Louis once. He was in the inner of the two left turn lanes, and couldn't swing wide because of the cars in the outer lane. So he ran over a stop sign or something. I was behind him on the street he was turning off of, and was also going the same way, but I got caught by a short green light. He pulled over on the shoulder as soon as the cars got out of the way, and he got out of the truck and stood there. I was watching him look around and watch the cars. After all potential witnesses had left, he looked around, apparently looking for cameras. Not seeing any, he got back in his truck and took off. I was laughing.

  8. He's the head of the training department at CR England now after spending a few years as the head of the safety department at SWIFT....Next year he's going to be appointed to run the FMCSA.
  9. And the first thing he'll do is ban side mirrors because they stick out and are likely to hit things.
  10. What is a pergola? I don't think we have them down here.
  11. I was running out there back then and remember something about a trucker, possibly U.S Xpress(the company actually spells it without the E) deliberately crashing into a government building.

    Maybe I am confusing the two incidents.
  12. I should have looked it up before asking a dumb question. It looks like a gazebo without a floor or more properly, an arbor(or arbour).

  13. You are...The incident that you are referring to was a "Dick Simon" truck driven by a mentally unstable ex-con (The company knew he was unstable) that was having a tantrum. He rammed the truck into the California state capitol building and killed himself and started a fire that burned the west side of the building.

    That was essentially the end of "Dick Simon" trucking. Dick Simon still has a few trucks but their terminal is now the home of "Central Refrigerated Transport".

    The only "Skunk Trucks" that you see now are run by Dicks son and have the name "Kellies" on the door and the traditional "Skunk" in the graphics.
  14. There was also an incident a few months ago, a Schneider driver crashed into a government building or something in St. Louis.
  15. Thank-you. That was definitely it. I was in southern Cal that day it was all over the news.

  16. He smashed his truck into a Schneider terminal.....
  17. I remember that. He had a load of pergolas.
  18. Thanks for the clarification. My memory of that was a little hazy. All I remembered was Schneider, St. Louis, and crazy guy.
  19. He was upset because they stopped making sweat pants in size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-Large.

  20. [​IMG]

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