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Discussion in 'Werner Enterprises' started by bingo296, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Talked to several companies about a pre hire letter. Seems Schneider has a policy against it, but was told to call them 2 weeks before I get my license, etc. From my research Schneider looked pretty good up to the no pre hire part,,,,applied with Werner,,,,they called and asked a few questions about my background, etc. and am squeaky clean on everything so they sent a letter. Of course pre hire letters are not any guarantee, but I don't plan to fail either. Just looking for the best company that will work 100% for me as i am going to work and give my 100% for them.
    There may be a past forum post on this, and since my school doesn't start until Sept I have time to make a lot of calls and research.

    I would just like to get a heads up on 7 - 8 reputable trucking firms that will work with a new school graduate from maybe a few experiences out there. I have seen good things about Prime.

  2. Injun

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    Prime is not too bad as long as you don't sign a lease with them.

    I did pretty well with Swift as a brand noobie, but many others did not have the same experience I did.

    USA Trucking, well, I haven't seen much of anything but complaits about them.

    My brother started with CRST and was pretty happy with them. He didn't mind running on a team truck. They'll start you out at 22cpm, with mileage evenly split between team members. That's pretty low, even for a "mega" carrier.

    I don't hear many complaints at all about Watkins & Sheppard. They run a lot of LTL stuff. That means multiple drops on a trailer. I've heard 15 drops on a trip is not unusual.

    Knight has been in some hot water over the past couple of years because of a fatality accident that was their driver's fault and some shenanigans they pulled in an attempt to avoid responsibility. I'd steer clear for another couple of years if it was me.

    I hear good things about Central Refrigerated. Even though it's a sister company to Swift, they appear to treat their drivers better than many reports I've seen about Swift. Again, I did not have problems as a company driver for Swift.

    I hear almost nothing but negative about Werner.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Racer X 69

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    USA ~ How far are you going today?

    How far can you go in a 62 mph truck?
  4. Rigor

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    As far as your coloring book will let you, until you get caught by Big Brother.
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    Crete/Shaffer/JB Hunt is also restricted to 62mph. From a money standpoint, it makes good business sense to do so. They saved $15 million over a 3 year period by doing so.
  6. Racer X 69

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    I have talked with USA drivers who tell me they get paid **** for mileage pay, and are lucky to get 1500 miles a week.

    How far are they going today? Not far.
  7. Chop

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    It is what it is.....

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    I am new to this, just got my CDL and will be starting at Roehl on the 20th. I have seen/heard mostly good stuff about them. I have heard nothing good about Werner or C R England so I would stay away from them. One of my instructors worked for them and told me to stay away. Maverick, TMC. and Trans AM are all supposed to be good too. I chose Roehl for the hometime. I have young kids.
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    Most of the larger corporate carriers are on electronic on board recorders and 60-65mph trucks. So basically what you need to look at is the companies CSA scores and how they treat their driver's. You don't want to go to work for a company with a bad safety record. Your gonna make mistakes first starting out. Logs, bridge law's, restricted routes, ect... You don't want the dot all over you.
    Try your best to stay with your first company for atleast a year. That's where a lot of guys mess up. 6 months experience is almost like not having any at all. You'll have to start all over at your next job.
    I hope this helps you. Good luck.
  10. Chris397

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    Another thing. Get your 3yr mvr before filling out applications. There could be something on there you don't know about. It happens a lot these days.
  11. Flatlander79

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    I would check out knight squirre.

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