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Discussion in 'Truckers Family and Friends' started by lunachic, Jul 29, 2010.

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    lol thats better........ :p
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    I'd rather have a hundred dogs than one teenager!!
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    If I can add my 2cents worth to whats already been said I think what your trying to do is a brilliant idea and being one of the fortunate People on this Site if I can assist anyone Male or Female dont hesitate to drop me a line,I'm quick to listen and slow to Judge,I dont pretend to have a magic formula but sometimes a shoulder to lean on is all thats needed.Listen to Lunachic you could be in for a pleasant suprise.
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    Hello, I'm on the site to do some research for my husband who is looking at getting into trucking (I know, I know....)

    Just wanted to say that I appreciated this thread. Where I live in Ohio a lot of people are still struggling.
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