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Discussion in 'Autonomous Trucking' started by embark, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. krelithous

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    this self driving stuff is to funny. look at john deer they tried building self driving tractors for 20 years and they still couldn't get it right so they gave up

    vw tried it years ago to. i remember seeing a jetta with computer towers in the trunk:stare1:..
    funny how alot of people have this vision of a perfect world. they need to get there heads out of there asses and come back to reality because there is no perfect world:coocoo:
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  3. Blood

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    ATRI is an ATA joint, just so you know.

    Their mission is to insure that trends benefit the large companies.

    Anything that benefits small carriers is just an unfortunate coincidence to them.
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  4. dmerchound

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    This report is about Phase 2 of a Platooning Experiment executed by Auburn University.

    @ Blood, yeah, got it, ATRI is no friend to the average driver, but it's still research worth educating ourselves about.


    Wow! What a read. Anyone who thinks autonomous trucks are going to happen soon is mistaken. Read the report when you have time (it's quite long) and make your own conclusions, but they have some major, major hurdles to overcome...

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